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Collective applications for Far East district has increased by 30%


RUSSIA News about the "Far Hectare" 1 hectare land gift.

"Alexander Galushka called the reason for the growth of collective applications for the Far Eastern hectare"
Published 03/15/2012

The number of collective applications for the Far Eastern hectare over the past month has increased several times. This was stated by the Minister of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Far East, Alexander Galushka, on March 14 in an interview with RIC "Russia-24".

"Since the beginning of February, the volume of collective applications has increased by 30%. When several people join together, they apply to jointly develop a certain mass of land, this is reasonable and rational. In accordance with the law, if more than 20 applications are submitted for a compact land acquisition, then the region's obligation arises to bring infrastructure to such land plots, "said Alexander Galushka.

The Minister noted that in accordance with the map of the location of collective sites, the existing plans for the development of energy, transport, and other infrastructure will be adjusted. In addition, today the issue of creating new settlements in places of compact applications is under consideration.

"Last week a poll of the hectare recipients was conducted and 50% of the respondents expressed their positive opinion about the establishment of their settlements. At the same time, more than a third of respondents were positive about heading these settlements. I want to say that we will help the residents create new settlements in the Far East. This is a good implementation of the Far Eastern hectare project, when people not only cultivate the land, but also equip their lives at a higher level: create settlements, form their power, organize the space of their lives. Ideas are not born in bureaucratic offices, people themselves initiate them. Our task is to help these ideas to come true, "- concluded Alexander Galushka.

Recall, the third stage of the implementation of the law on the Far Eastern hectare started on February 1, it can get any citizen of Russia. For this purpose, the "Nadaliy Vostok.RF" system was created, through which everyone can apply for land without leaving home.

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