Thursday, 9 June 2016

Russia "Free Hectare" website crashed on first day - 400,000 hits

Трутнев: поток желающих получить "дальневосточный гектар" обрушил сайт проекта

I have tears of happiness forming in my eyes when I read this article:
Here is "the project" being referred to...  

Explanation in English:

"Stream of the Russians, wishing to receive hectare of the land in the Far East, has brought down a site of the project", Trutnev said. As he said, it is already submitted with over 400 thousand requests to have this Land for free.

"The first 12 hours of the beginning of action of the law per information system, it is registered with 55 thousand references/posts . As a result, the website was dead, and we courageously were working on it for 2-3 hours, to get it fixed." - Trutnev has informed board of the Ministry of the Russian Federation on progress of the Far East Bill.

"We would like to remind, that the person/ family should show their intent of how this piece of Land is going to be used accordingly to existing Law of Russian Federation during 5 years. If , within five years, the citizen has mastered the Land, agreement will be automatically prolonged."

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Here is the Google Translate version of this post:

The flow of Russians who want a hectare of land in the Far East, brought down the website of the project, told the presidential envoy in the region, Yuri Trutnev. According to him, in general, it has already registered more than 400,000 hits.

"For the first 12 hours of operation of the law in the information system registered 55 thousand hits a result of the site depends, and 2-3 hours we courageously taken out of this state." - Said Trutnev said at the board meeting of the Ministry of the Russian Federation on the development of the Far East.

Recall the law on free allocation to citizens of Russia "Far Eastern hectare" came into force yesterday. The only significant requirement of the state to the Russians, to get the land, it is the need for the development of over 5 years in the framework of Russian legislation. If a citizen for five years mastered the land for agriculture, business, forestry or hunting, the term of land use will be renewed automatically.

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Kamchatka lies at around 55 degrees north. The "Far hectare" free land give-away in the East lays from around 45 degrees north to 70 degrees north. The arctic circle lies at around 67 degrees north. 

 Mark Angelo/Special to The Vancouver Sun

Other countries at 50 degrees north and above includes:  Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, USA - Washington state, Oregan, Idaho, north Wyoming, Montana, Nth Dakota, Sth Dakota, Minnesota, north Wisconsin, north Michegan, north Vermont, Maine; all of Canada.

Malmo in the south of Sweden is at 55 degrees north - the same as Kamchatka. Last summer, Malmo had around a month of 30 celcius degree temperature days - that's 86 farenheit.  So don't worry about the "Far East" being under snow all the time. It's not!

Just think "Pippi Longstocking", and that's the sort of weather the Far East of Russia will offer you.


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