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Dachnik Day !! All Earth Holiday - July 23 annually for everybody!

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Excerpt from Book 2 "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" by Vladimir Megre
Source for this translation

The following is a conversation between Anastasia and Vladimir Megre in the Siberian taiga.

Megre: "But why thanks to the summer people, and Russia's specifically? What's the connection here?"

Anastasia: "You see, Vladimir, the Earth may be big, but it is very, very sensitive. Although you're bigger than a mosquito, too, if one lands on you, you feel its touch. The Earth feels everything, too—when It gets sealed in concrete and asphalt, when the forests growing on It are chopped down and burned, when its bowels are gouged out and powdered fertilizer is sprinkled on It. It can hurt. But It still loves people the way a mother loves her children. The Earth tries to bury its malice deep down. Only when It runs out of strength does that malice burst out in volcanoes and earthquakes. We must help the Earth. Kindness and considerate treatment give It strength. The Earth is big but extremely sensitive. It senses when It is touched gently by even one human hand. Oh, how It senses and longs for that touch!

"For a long time, people in Russia considered the Earth the property of everyone and of no one in particular. People did not perceive of It as their own. Then in Russia, things changed. The government began giving people small plots of the Earth for dachas. It is no accident that these plots were very, very small and that large machinery could not be used on them. But Russians, who had longed for the Earth, received them joyfully, rich and poor alike, because nothing can break the human tie with Earth! After receiving their small plots, people began to sense this intuitively. Millions of pairs of human hands touched the Earth with love. It was with their hands, not machinery, that people gently touched the Earth at their small plots. And It sensed this. It sensed the touch of each individual hand and found the strength to hold on."

"So what does this mean? Should we put up a statue to each summer person as the planet's savior?"

"Yes, Vladimir, they are saviors. But you don't need to build so many monuments.

"Better you should declare a universal holiday—or at least a day off or two— and name it 'Summer People Day' or 'Whole Earth Day' on the calendar."

"Oh! A holiday!" Anastasia clapped her hands. "What a wonderful idea. A holiday! We absolutely must have a cheerful and joyous holiday."

"Just shine your Ray on our government and on the deputies in the State Duma. Let them pass a law."

"I won't be able to get through to them. They're in their daily grind. They have many decisions to make and no time at all to think. Also, it doesn't make much sense to raise their consciousness. It would be hard for them to become aware of the full reality. They wouldn't be allowed to make decisions that are more correct than the ones being made now."

"Who wouldn't allow the government and president?"

"You. The masses. Most of the electorate. You call correct decisions 'unpopular measures.'

"Yes, you're right. We do have a democracy. The most important decisions are made by the majority. The majority is always right."

"The greatest consciousness has always been reached first by individuals, Vladimir, and the majority only after a while."

"If that's true, then why have democracy and referendums?"

"They're needed as shock absorbers, to prevent any sudden jolts. When the shock absorbers fail, there is revolution. Revolution is always hard on the majority."

"But a holiday for summer people isn't a revolution. What's bad about it?"

"That kind of holiday is a good thing. It's definitely needed. It must be created as quickly as possible. I'll try to think how to make it happen faster."

"I'll help you. I have a better idea of which levers in our life will be effective. I'll write in the newspaper . Better, I'll write about summer people in your book and ask people to send telegrams to the government and State Duma: 'We request that you declare a Summer People Day and a Whole Earth Day.' Only what date?"

"July 23rd."

"Why the 23rd?"

"It's the appropriate day. Also because it's your birthday. After all, this marvelous idea is yours."

"Fine. So let people send in their telegrams. 'Make the 23rd of July a legal holiday: Summer People Day and Whole Earth Day.' As soon as government officials and Duma deputies start reading these messages, they'll begin to think about the reasons why people are sending them. Then you zap them with your Ray!"

"I will! I'll zap them as hard as I can! The holiday will be light and beautiful. Everyone! Everyone will rejoice and the whole Earth will fill with joy!"

"But why should everyone rejoice? The holiday is just for summer people."

"We have to make sure that everyone rejoices and feels good. This holiday will begin in Russia, and it will become the most beautiful holiday on Earth—a holiday for the Soul."

"How will it be celebrated the very first time in Russia? After all, no one will know how."

"On that day, each person's heart will suggest to him what to do. But I'll create a general model right away." 

Anastasia went on to speak, precisely pronouncing each letter. Inspired, she spoke quickly and with inspiration. Her speech rhythms, her sentence structure, and her pronunciation were unusual:

"Let Russia rise at dawn that day. Let all people as families, with friends, and singly approach the Earth and stand on It with feet bare. Those who have their own small plots where they cultivate fruits with their own hands, let them greet the Sun's first ray among their plants and touch each kind.

"When the Sun rises, let them pick and eat one of each kind of berry. They won't need anything more until the midday meal. Let them tend their plots until their meal. Let each think about life and where his joy and purpose lie. Let each think lovingly of those dear to him and of friends and of why his plants grow and give each its own purpose. Before the meal, each should have at least one hour of seclusion. It doesn't matter where or how, but it must without fail be in seclusion, where he can be alone and look inward for at least an hour. 

"Let the entire family gather for a meal—those living together and those who have come from far away that day. Let them prepare the midday meal from what the Earth has yielded for that hour. Let each place on the table what his heart and Soul desire.

"Then let the members of the entire family tenderly look each other in the eye. Let the oldest and youngest say grace, and let calm conversation flow around the table. The conversation must be about the good and about whoever is by their side." 

Anastasia drew the scene extraordinarily vividly. I could feel myself sitting at the table with people beside me. Caught up in the holiday, believing in it - or rather that it had already taken place - I added,

"The first toast should be made before the meal. Everyone should raise their glass and drink to the Earth and to Love." I felt as though I were already holding a glass.

And all of a sudden she said, "Vladimir, let there be no intoxicating poison at the table."

The glass disappeared from my hands. And the entire holiday scene vanished.

"Anastasia, stop it! Don't spoil the holiday!"

"Oh well, if you want it, let there be wine from berries on the table, and it should be sipped."

"Well, all right, let it be wine, just so we don't change all our habits right away. What will we do after the meal?"

"Let people return to their cities. They can harvest the fruits of their small plots of the Earth, carry them in baskets, and share with those who have none.

"Oh, how many positive emotions there will be on that day! They will conquer many diseases, those diseases that mean death and those that have lingered for years will go away. On that day, let he who is incurably or slightly ill greet the stream of people returning from their little plots. Their rays of Love and Good and their fruits will heal and vanquish diseases. Look! Look! A train station! A stream of people with colorful baskets! See how people's eyes are shining with peace and good."

All of Anastasia seemed to be beaming as she became more and more inspired by the holiday idea. Her eyes no longer simply gleamed joyfully, they seemed to shoot off blue sparks. Varied but always joyful nuances changed her facial expression, as if scenes from the Great Holiday were streaming tumultuously through her mind.

Suddenly, she fell silent. Bending one knee and raising her right arm up, she pushed off the ground with one foot and shot up like an arrow over the Earth. She jumped nearly to the Cedars' first branches. When she descended, she waved her arm and clapped, and a bluish illumination flooded the entire glade. What Anastasia went on to say seemed to be echoed by each tiny bug and blade of grass and each majestic Cedar. Anastasia's sentences seemed to be strengthened by a great invisible force. They weren't loud, but I had the impression that each and every vein of the vast Universe heard them. I too interjected my own phrases, because I couldn't stop myself, as she began.

"On that day, visitors will come to Russia! All who were born by the Telamons of the Earth! The prodigal sons will return! Let people all over Russia wake at dawn on that day. And let the strings of the Universal harp sound a happy melody throughout the day. Let all the bards on the streets and in homes play guitars. And let he who is very old be young again that day, as he was many, many years ago."

"Will I be young, too, Anastasia?"

"You and I will be young, too, Vladimir, as people will be young for the first time. Old people will write their children letters, and children will write to their parents. Let babies take their first step in life and enter a joyous, happy world. On that day there will be nothing to upset children. Let the grownups be their equals. And the Gods will drop to the Earth. On that day, let all the Gods be embodied in simple images. And God—the one, Universal God—will be happy. On that day may you be very happy with love and the shining Earth!"

Anastasia was carried off by her scenes of the holiday. Becoming more and more inspired, she spun through the glade, as if in a dance. 

"Stop! Stop!" I shouted to Anastasia, suddenly realizing she was taking this all seriously. She was not just saying words. I realized that she was modeling scenes of the holiday with each word and oddly constructed sentence.

With her characteristic persistence, she would go on modeling and dreaming of it until her dreams became a reality. She would dream like a fanatic! She would try for her summer people as she had been for the twenty years before this. I shouted in order to stop her.

"Haven't you realized? This is a joke, this holiday! I was joking!"

Anastasia stopped short. The moment I looked at the expression on her face, my Soul felt a pang. Her face was as distraught as a child's. Her eyes looked at me with pain and regret, as if I were some kind of destroyer. And she spoke in almost a whisper.

"I took you seriously, Vladimir. I've already modeled it all. And a link has been woven into the chain of events of people's upcoming telegrams. Without them, the sequence of events will be destroyed. I accepted what you said, believed in it, and produced it.

"I felt you were speaking sincerely about the holiday and telegrams. Don't take back what you said. Just help me with the telegrams so that I can help with my Ray, as you said."

"All right, I'll try. Please calm down. Maybe no one will want to send those telegrams."

"There will be people who will understand. People in your government and Duma will feel it, too. And there will be a holiday! There will! Look."

Once again the scenes of the holiday went racing off. Now I have written about this. Go and act as your heart and Soul command.

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Here is the above excerpt in Russian language - Posted by Vladimir Megre on July 23, 2016 with English translation following. I've added this as well because some of the nuances are more delightful than in the above version. Please enjoy.

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— Но почему благодаря дачникам и именно России? Почему? Какая взаимосвязь здесь?
— Понимаешь, Владимир, Земля хоть и большая, но Она очень, очень чувствительная.
Вот ты тоже большой по сравнению с комариком, а сядет комарик на тебя, и ты чувствуешь его прикосновение. И Земля всё чувствует. Когда в бетон и асфальт Её закатывают, когда вырубают и жгут растущие на Ней леса, когда ковыряют недра Её и сыплют в Неё порошок, называемый удобрениями.
Ей больно бывает. Но Она всё равно любит людей, как мать любит детей своих. И старается Земля забрать в недра свои злобу людскую, и только когда не хватает сил у Неё сдерживать, прорывается злоба вулканами и землетрясениями.
Земле помогать нужно. Силы Ей придаёт ласка и бережное обращение. Земля большая, но самая чувствительная. И чувствует Она, когда к Ней с лаской прикасается хотя бы одна человеческая рука. О, как чувствует и ждёт Она этого прикосновения!
В России некоторое время Землю считали достоянием всех и ничьим конкретно. Люди не воспринимали Её, как свою. Потом произошли перемены в России. Стали людям давать маленькие участки Земли под дачи.
Не случайно произошло так, что эти участочки очень, очень маленькими были и невозможно на них механизмы всякие применять. Но истосковавшиеся по Земле россияне с радостью брали их. И бедные брали, и богатые. Потому что ничто не может разорвать связь человеческую с Землёй!
Получив свои маленькие участочки, люди почувствовали интуитивно... И миллионы пар рук человеческих с любовью прикоснулись к Земле. Именно руками своими, не механизмами, люди трогали ласково Землю на своих маленьких участочках.
И Она чувствовала. Чувствовала прикосновение каждой руки в отдельности. И нашла в себе силы Земля, чтобы ещё продержаться.
— Так что же получается? Каждому дачнику памятник ставить нужно, как спасителю планеты?
— Да, Владимир, они спасители.
— Но памятников столько не сделать. Лучше для них учредить праздник всеобщий, ну выходной или два выходных, «День дачника» или «День Земли» назвать в календаре.
— Ой! Праздник! — всплеснула руками Анастасия.— Как здорово ты придумал. Праздник! Обязательно нужен весёлый и радостный праздник.
— Вот ты и посвети своим Лучиком по правительству нашему, да по депутатам Государственной Думы, пусть они закон такой издадут.
— Я не смогу пробиться к ним. Они в суете повседневной. Им решений много принимать приходится, думать совсем некогда. Да и смысла особого не имеет осознанность их повышать.
Тяжело им будет осознавать, видеть полную реальность. Решения более верные, чем сейчас принимаются, им не позволят принять.
— Кто же правительству, президенту может не позволить?
— Вы. Массы. Большинство. Непопулярными мерами назовёте правильные решения.
— Да, правильно говоришь. У нас демократия. Наиболее важные решения принимаются большинством. Большинство всегда право.
— Наибольшей осознанности всегда достигали сначала единицы, Владимир, а большинство лишь через некоторое время постигало её.
— Если так, зачем тогда демократия, референдумы?
— Они нужны как амортизаторы, чтобы резких толчков не было. Когда амортизаторы не срабатывают, происходит революция. Период революции всегда тяжёл для большинства.
— Но праздник дачников — не революция, что в этом плохого?
— Праздник такой, это хорошее. Он нужен. Обязательно нужен. Надо его сделать быстрее. Буду думать, как быстрее.
— Я помогу тебе. Я лучше знаю, какие рычаги в нашей жизни эффективно срабатывают. Я в газете... Или нет, в книге твоей о дачниках напишу и попрошу людей, чтоб они телеграммы в правительство и Государственную Думу направляли: «Просим учредить Праздник дачника и праздник Земли». Только вот какого числа?
— Двадцать третьего июля.
— Почему — двадцать третьего?
— День подходящий. И потому, что это день твоего рождения. Ведь идея эта прекрасная — твоя.
— Хорошо. Значит, пусть в телеграммах люди пишут: «Двадцать третьего июля узаконьте Праздник дачника и праздник всей Земли».
Как только в правительстве и в Госдуме читать начнут и задумаются: «К чему бы это люди телеграммы такие шлют?» — ты тут своим Лучом как шарахни!..
— Шарахну! Изо всех сил шарахну! И праздник будет светлый и прекрасный. Все! Все люди будут радоваться и Земле всей радостно будет!
— А все почему радоваться должны? Только для дачников этот праздник.
— Надо так сделать, чтобы все радовались. Всем чтобы хорошо было. Этот праздник начнётся в России. И станет самым прекрасным праздником на всей Земле. Праздником Души.
— И как же он проходить будет самый первый раз в России? Никто ж не знает, как праздновать его.
— Сердце каждому подскажет в этот день, что ему делать нужно. А в общем, я смоделирую сейчас.
Далее Анастасия заговорила, чётко произнося каждую букву. Она говорила быстро и вдохновенно! Необычен был и ритм её речи, построение фраз, произношение:
— Пусть в этот день Россия проснётся на рассвете. Все люди семьями, с друзьями и одни к Земле придут и встанут на Неё босыми ногами. Те, у кого есть свои маленькие участочки, где они своими руками выращивают плоды, пусть встретят первый Солнца луч среди своих растений. Потрогают руками каждый вид.
А Солнышко взойдёт, пусть разных ягод по одной сорвут и их съедят. И есть им ничего не нужно больше до обеда. Пусть до обеда уберут участки. Подумает пусть каждый о жизни, радость в чём и в чём его предназначенье.
О близких вспомнит каждый пусть с любовью, о друзьях. О том, зачем растут его растения, и каждому пусть даст своё предназначенье. И каждый до обеда должен поиметь хоть час один уединенья. Неважно, где и как, но обязательно, чтоб быть в уединении. Хоть час один в себя попробовать смотреть.
В обед пусть соберётся вся семья. Живущих вместе и издалека пришедших в этот день. Обед пусть приготовят из того, что родила Земля к обеденному часу. Пусть каждый то на стол поставит, что пожелает сердце и Душа.
И ласково в глаза друг другу посмотрят члены всей семьи. И стол благословит пусть самый старший вместе с младшим самым. И за столом спокойная беседа пусть звучит. О добром разговор быть должен. О каждом, рядом кто.
Необыкновенно, ярко вырисовывались картины, описываемые Анастасией. И сам я ощущал себя, сидящим за столом, и рядом люди. Увлекшись праздником, поверивший в него, ещё верней сказать, он будто бы уже происходил, и я добавил:
— Надо первый тост сказать перед обедом. Бокалы всем поднять. За Землю выпить, за Любовь. — Казалось, я уже держал бокал в руке.
И вдруг она:
— Владимир, пусть не будет на столе хмельной отравы.
— Из рук моих исчез бокал. И вся картина праздника исчезла.
— Анастасия, прекрати! Не порти праздник!
— Что ж, раз хочешь ты, пусть на столе вино из ягод будет и мелкими глотками нужно пить его.
— Ну ладно, пусть вино. Чтоб сразу не менять привычек. А что после обеда будем делать?
— Пусть возвратятся люди в города. Собрав плоды участочка своей Земли, везут в корзинках и угостят плодами тех, кто не имеет их.
О, сколько положительных эмоций в этот день! Они болезни многих победят. И те, что смерть болезни предрекали, и те, которых годы не изгнали, уйдут. Пусть тот, кто болен неизлечимо иль слегка, в этот день встречать придёт поток людей, с участочков своих вернувшихся.
Лучи Любви, Добра и привезённые плоды излечат, победят болезни. Смотри! Смотри! Вокзал. Людей поток с корзинками цветными. Смотри, как светятся покоем и добром глаза людей.
Анастасия словно вся сияла, всё больше воодушевляясь идеей праздника. Глаза её уже не просто радостно блестели, они словно искрились голубоватым светом. Выражение её лица менялось разными, но всегда радостными нюансами, словно в мозгу её бурным потоком неслись картины Великого Праздника.
Вдруг она замолчала, потом, согнув одну ногу в колене и подняв правую руку вверх, одной ногой оттолкнулась от земли и взлетела, как стрела, поднялась над Землёй. Почти до первых сучков Кедров допрыгнула.
Когда опустилась, взмахнула рукой, хлопнула в ладоши — на поляне голубоватое свечение разлилось над всем. И далее говоримое Анастасией словно повторяла каждая малюсенькая травинка и букашка и каждый величественный Кедр.
Фразы Анастасии словно усиливала невидимая силища. Они не были громкими, но создавалось впечатление, что слышит их каждая жилочка необъятной Вселенной. И я тоже вставлял свои фразы. Потому что невозможно было удержаться, как начала она:
— В Россию в этот день приедут гости! Все те, кого рождала Атлантами Земля! Как блудные, вернутся сыновья! И пусть по всей России в этот день проснутся на рассвете люди.
И пусть весь этот день Вселенской арфы струны мелодией счастливою звучат. Все барды пусть на улицах и во дворах играют на гитарах. И тот, кто слишком стар, пусть в этот день побудет очень юным, как много, много лет тому назад.
— И я, Анастасия, буду юным?
— И мы с тобой, Владимир, будем юны, как будут люди юны в первый раз. И старики напишут детям письма. И дети все родителям своим. И малыши совсем, свой первый в жизни сделав шаг, в мир радостный, счастливый пусть войдут. И в этот день детей ничто не огорчит. Пусть взрослые на равных будут с ними.
И Боги всех опустятся на Землю. В день этот Боги всех пусть воплотятся в образах простых. И Бог, един, Вселенский, будет счастлив. Пусть в этот день ты будешь очень счастлив! Любовью, засветившейся Землёй!
Анастасия увлеклась картинами праздника. Она кружилась по поляне, словно в танце, всё больше воодушевляясь.
— Стой! Стой! — крикнул я Анастасии, вдруг осознав, что она воспринимает всё всерьёз. Она не просто говорит слова. Я понял, она моделирует каждым своим словом и странным построением фраз! Моделирует картины праздника!
И с присущим ей упорством будет их моделировать, мечтать о нём, пока не воплотятся её мечтания в реальность. Как фанатичная, будет мечтать! Для своих дачников стараться, как двадцать лет до этого старалась. И крикнул я, чтобы остановить её:
— Ты что, не поняла? Ведь это шутка, с праздником! Я пошутил!
Анастасия вдруг остановилась. Я на неё как посмотрел, так сразу в Душе словно защемило что-то от выражения её лица. Лицо её растерянным, как у ребёнка, было. И с болью, сожалением смотрели на меня её глаза. Как будто разрушитель я какой-то. И почти шёпотом она заговорила:
— Я приняла всерьёз, Владимир. Я смоделировала уже всё. И в цепь событий предстоящих телеграмм людских вплелось звено. Без них нарушится событий череда. Я приняла твоё, поверила в него, произвела.
Я чувствовала, искренне ты говорил о празднике, о телеграммах. Не забирай обратно сказанного слова. Ты только помоги мне телеграммами, чтоб я, как ты сказал, могла своим помочь Лучом.
— Ладно, попробую, только успокойся, может, эти телеграммы никто отправлять не захочет...
— Найдутся люди, те, которые поймут. Почувствуют в правительстве и в Думе вашей тоже. И будет праздник! Будет! Посмотри...
И снова праздника картины понеслись. Вот и написал я об этом, дальше поступайте, как сердце велит и Душа.

Из книги Владимира Мегре «Звенящие кедры России»

English translation on Facebook (Bing)

Feast day from st. and all that is in the earth!

- but why thanks to dachnikam and it is Russia? Why not? What's the relationship here?
- you know, Vladimir, land and even big, but she's very, very sensitive.
That's you too big compared with Midge control, sets a bug on you, and you can feel his touch. And the earth and all the feels. When in concrete, and asphalt her throw when the slash and burn the forest growing on her when I pick their nedra her and they stick in her powder called fertilizer.
Hurt her sometimes. But she still loves the people, as a mother loves their children. And trying to pick up in the earth beneath their malice human, and only when you don't have the courage she has to restrain anger breaks, volcanoes and earthquakes.
Earth to help you need. Force her gives laska rationalization and treatment. The Earth is vast, but the most sensitive. And she feels, when to her with caress touches at least one human hand. Oh, how she feels and she waits for this touch!
In Russia, some time the earth cried the property of all and no one's specifically. People don't take her as your own. Then, changes have occurred in Russia. People have to give a small plots of land under the cottage.
Don't accidentally happened so that these uchastochki very, very, very little has been and it is impossible for them to use all kinds of arrangements. But Istoskovavshiyesya on the earth. The Russians would gladly took them. And the poor, and took the rich. Because nothing can break the connection of the human with the ground!
Having their little uchastochki, people felt intuitively... And millions of pairs of hands human with love to touch the earth. Exactly with their hands, not mechanisms, people touched the ground on the soft their little uchastochkakh.
And she felt. Felt the touch of each hands separately. And I found the strength to keep the earth in order to still survive.
- so what is it? Every dachniku monument to need, as the Savior of the planet?
- yes, Vladimir, they're saviors.
- but don't make so many monuments. Better for them to establish the feast of the universal, well a day off or two this weekend, from st. " day " or " Earth day " call in the calendar.
- Oh! Holiday! - Vsplesnula hands Anastasia.- How great you made up. Holiday! Need a fun and joyous celebration.
- when you and your light of sunshine on our government, yes on the deputies of the state duma, let them act so yes of course.
- I can't get through to him. They get busy everyday. They have a lot of decisions to make, thinking exactly once. Yes and the meaning of special doesn't have to raise their awareness.
It's hard to be aware of them, to see the full reality. Decisions more loyal than you are now being taken, they will not be allowed to adopt.
- who is the government, the president may not allow?
- you. Mass. Most. Unpopular measures call the right decisions.
- yeah, say the right thing. We have a democracy. The most important decisions are taken by the majority. The majority is always right.
- most osoznannosti always sought first unit, Vladimir, and most only a little while later came to her.
- if so, then why democracy, referendums?
- they need like Shock Absorbers to sudden bump wasn't there. When The Shock Absorbers don't work out, there's a revolution. The period of the revolution is always gonna be like for the majority.
- but it is not a holiday dachnikov revolution, what's wrong with that?
- a holiday like this, it's good. I need him. Necessarily need. We need to make it faster. I'll be thinking about how quickly.
- I'll help you. I'd rather know what levers in our life work effectively. I'm in the paper... Or not, in the book of your oh dachnikakh write and ask people so they telegrams in the government and the state duma sent: "request to establish a holiday and the holiday from st. of the earth". It's just what the numbers?
- twenty-third of July.
- why is the twenty-third?
- day right. And because it's your birthday. Indeed, the idea of this beautiful is yours.
- okay. So, let him be buried in telegrams people write: "the twenty-third of July uzakonʹte holiday and holiday from st. All that is in the earth".
As soon as in the government and the state duma has read and begin to think: " why is that people are sending telegrams?" - you're my ray like sharakhni!..
- Sharakhnu! Best Sharakhnu! And the celebration will be a bright and beautiful. That's all! All people will be happy and joyful of the whole earth will be!
- and all should be happy. Why? Only for dachnikov this holiday.
- I need to do so, to all rejoiced. It was good to everyone. This holiday will begin in Russia. And will be the most beautiful holiday on the whole earth. A Feast for the soul.
- and how did he take place will be the first time in Russia? At least nobody knows how to celebrate it.
- heart tell everyone in this day that he needs to be done. But anyway, I smodeliruyu right now.
Anastasia continue talking, clearly saying each letter. She spoke fast and an inspiration! Unusual was and the rhythm of her speech, the phrasing, pronunciation:
- let this be the day Russia wakes up at the crack of dawn. All people families, friends, and some to the earth will come and will stand on it with bare feet. Those who have their little uchastochki, where they grow fruits with their own hands, have them meet the first sun ray among their plants. Potrogayut hands every species.
And the sun rises, let different berries on one off and eat it. And there they don't need anything more before lunch. Let before lunch restrain stations. So let's all think about life, the joy of what is and what his task.
About loved ones remember every let them with love, friends. The question of why grow his plants, and each should give your task. And every before lunch must have at least one hour uyedinenʹya. It doesn't matter where and how, but necessarily to be in seclusion. At least one hour to myself to try to watch.
At lunch and let the whole family will be there. Living together and from afar coming out on this day. Tell them to prepare dinner, from what the earth gave birth to the dinner hour. Let every thing on the table would wish that the heart and soul.
And affectionately in each other's eyes look all members of the family. And the table bless let the oldest with the youngest the most. And the table quiet conversation and let the sounds. About a good conversation should be. About each, next to the who.
Remarkably, bright vyrisovyvalisʹ paintings, described Anastasia. And I myself felt like sitting at the table, and a number of people. Inspired by the holiday, poverivshiy in him, or else to say, he's like already occurred, and I added:
- should I be the first to say a toast before dinner. Raise your glasses to all. For the land for a drink, for the love. - thought I already had a glass in his hand.
And all of a sudden she:
- Vladimir, let it not be on the table the drunk poison.
- from the hands of my disappeared glass. And the whole picture of the holiday is gone.
- Anastasia, stop it! Don't ruin the holiday!
- well, if you want, let them on the table wine from the berries will be small sip and need to drink it.
- all right, let the wine. Just so not to change habits. What do we do after dinner?
- let him return to the people in the city. After collecting the fruit uchastochka their land, on the way to the basket and they give you the fruits of those who do not have them.
Oh, how many positive emotions in this day! Many diseases they win. And those that the death of the disease had predicted, and those whom years not expelled, go away. Let the one who is sick or have terminal a bit, this day comes to see in the flow of people, with their uchastochkov returns.
Rays of love, kindness and privezënnyye fruit will heal, will overcome the disease. Look! Look! Train station. People stream with the baskets in color. Look how the shine for rest and good for the eyes of the people.
Anastasia like all shone, all the more inspired by the idea of a holiday. Her eyes are no longer just joyfully glittered, they're like iskrilisʹ blueish light. The look on her face changed different, but always happy nuances, like in the brain her n ' fast moving pictures of the great celebration.
All of a sudden she stopped talking, then bending one leg to the knee and raising his right hand up, one foot from the ground and ottolknulasʹ flew straight as an arrow, has risen above the ground. Almost to the first surface of the cedars doprygnula.
When I came down, waved his hand slammed, clapping - in the clearing of bluey razlilosʹ glow over all. And further govorimoye Anastasia like repeated every teeny-tiny grass and insect and every mighty cedar.
Anastasia phrases like an invisible amplifying it. They weren't loud, but the impression that their hears every zhilochka a vast universe. And I, too, put their phrases. Because it was impossible to resist, as she began:
- in Russia on this day, the guests arrive! All those people who produced atlantes land! Are like, back sons! And let the whole of Russia on this day, wake up at Dawn, people.
And let this whole day universal harp strings melody happy sound. All the bards let on the streets and in our own backyards are playing guitar. And the one who is too old, let this be the day he's going to be very young, how many, many years ago.
- and I, Anastasia, I'll be young?
- and we are with you, Vladimir, we'll be yuna, how will people yuna for the first time. Old people and children write letters. And the kids all his parents. And the babies really, his first in the life of a step in the world a happy, happy may enter. And this children's day. Nothing is worthy of it. Let the grown-ups on an equal footing, will be with them.
And the gods of all down to the ground. In this day. Let all the gods will be translated into the ways of the ordinary. And God is one, the ecumenical, be happy. Let this be the day you'll be very happy! Love, zasvetivsheysya underground!
Anastasia got carried away with pictures of the holiday. She hung on the meadow, it's like in the dance, all the more inspired.
- stop! Wait! - shouted Anastasia, I suddenly realized that she takes this seriously. She's not just said the words. I realized, it simulates every word I say and the construction of a strange phrases! Simulates the paintings of the holiday!
And with her tenacity will be their model, dreaming about him, until he makes her dream into reality. How fanatical, will be a dream! For their dachnikov try how twenty years before that, I tried. And I shouted to stop her:
- don't you understand? It's a joke, happy holiday! I was joking!
Anastasia just suddenly stopped. I looked at her like, right in the shower like this feeling something from the expression of her face. The face of her confused, like a child, it was. And with the pain, regret, looked at me with her eyes. It's like the destroyer I'm some kind of. And almost a whisper. She began to speak.
- I took seriously, Vladimir. I modelled already everything. And in the chain of events of the upcoming telegrams human vplelosʹ link. Without them, too, a series of events. I took yours, believe in him, made.
I felt I sincerely you said about the feast, o telegrammakh. Don't take back what I have said the words. You only help me telegrams, so I, like you said you could have your help ray.
- okay, I'll try, just calm down, maybe these telegrams nobody send doesn't want to...
- there will be people, those who understand. Feel in the government and the duma your too. And there will be a celebration! It will be! Look at this...
And again the holiday pictures in here. And here I wrote about it, go on do what heart you and your soul.
From the book of Vladimir Megre "Rlnglng Cedars of Russia"

English translation from Google Translate

DAY HOLIDAY summer residents and all the earth!

- But why is because of cottagers and Russia? Why? What is the relationship here?

- You know, Vladimir, earth, though large, but it is very, very sensitive.

Here you are also high in comparison with the mosquito and the mosquito sits on you, and you feel his touch. The Earth feels everything. When the concrete and asphalt Her roll when cut down and burn forests growing on Ney when picking their bowels Her and Her pour in the powder, called fertilizers.

She is painful. But she still loves people as a mother loves her children. And the Earth is trying to pick up in the bowels of his human malice, and only when you do not have enough strength in her biting, anger erupts volcanoes and earthquakes.

Earth need help. Force She gives affection and gentle handling. The Earth is large, but the most sensitive. And she feels that to her with tenderness touches at least one of the human hand. Oh, how she feels and waiting for this contact!

In Russia, for some time Earth was considered the property of all, and no one's in particular. People do not think of this as your own. Then there was a change in Russia. Steels people give small plots of land for villas.

It is no accident occurred so that these uchastochki very, very little had been impossible for them to apply all sorts of mechanisms. But the longing for the world Russians are happy to take them. And the poor were taken, and the rich. Because nothing can break the link the human with the Earth!

Get your little uchastochki people feel intuitively ... And millions of pairs of human hands lovingly touched the Earth. That his hands, not machinery, people affectionately touched the earth on their little uchastochkah.

And she felt. She felt the touch of each hand separately. And she found the strength to Earth to hold more.

- So what happens? Each summer residents need to put a monument as the savior of the world?

- Yes, Mr, they are saviors.

- But as many sites do. It is better to establish a holiday for them universal, well, a weekend or two weekends, "Day of summer resident" or "Earth Day" to call the calendar.

- Oh! Celebration! - Clasped hands Anastasiya.- How cool you came up with. Celebration! Do I need a cheerful and joyful holiday.

- So you can shine a ray of her on our government, but by the deputies of the State Duma, that they will publish a law.

- I can not get through to him. They are in the bustle of everyday. They have to take a lot of decisions, to think exactly once. And the special does not make sense to raise their awareness.

It will be hard to realize, to see the full reality. Decisions more true than it is now accepted, they are not allowed to take.

- Who are the government, the president can not afford?

- You. Masses. Most. Unpopular measures will call the right decision.

- Yes, you speak correctly. We have a democracy. The most important decisions are taken by majority. The majority is always right.

- The greatest awareness has always reached first unit, Vladimir, and the majority only after some time come upon her.

- If so, then why democracy, referenda?

- They need a shock to sudden shocks were not. When shocks do not work, there is a revolution. The period of revolution is always heavy for most.

- But truckers holiday - not a revolution, what's wrong?

- Feast of this, it is good. It is needed. Be sure to need. It is necessary to make it faster. I would think, as soon as.

- I will help you. I'd rather know what the levers are activated in our lives effectively. I am in the newspaper ... or not, in your book about cottagers will write and ask people to telegrams to the government and the State Duma sent: "Please establish Festival holiday and summer resident of the Earth." But that's how many?

- The twenty-third of July.

- Why - twenty-third?

- Day suitable. And because it's your birthday. After all, the idea of ​​this beautiful - yours.

- Good. So let people write in telegram: "Twenty third July uzakonte Festival holiday and summer resident of the whole earth."

As soon as the government and the State Duma will begin to read and ponder, "Why would it send such telegrams people?" - You're here its like Ray sharahni ..!

- Sharahnu! Struggling sharahnu! And the celebration will be bright and beautiful. All! All people will be happy and the whole world will be glad!

- And why should rejoice? Only for Truckers this holiday.

- It is necessary to do so that all were happy. All that was good. The festival will begin in Russia. And it will be the most wonderful holiday on Earth. Feast of Souls.

- And how did it take place will be the first time in Russia? Well nobody knows how to celebrate it.

- Heart tell everyone that day, that he needed to do. But in general, I will model today.

Next Anastasia spoke, clearly pronouncing each letter. She spoke quickly and enthusiastically! It was unusual, and the rhythm of her speech, sentence structure, pronunciation:

- Let this day Russia will wake up at dawn. All people families, with friends and alone in the world to come and stand on Her bare feet. Those who have their own little uchastochki where they are grown with their own hands the fruits, let them meet the first ray of sunshine among their plants. To touch every kind.

And the sun will rise, albeit of different berries on a pluck and eat. And there is nothing they do not need to lunch. Let sites will be removed before lunch. Let each Think about life, what joy, and what is its purpose.

About the closest one will remember to let the love of friends. About that, what plants grow it, and everyone let him give his destiny. And everyone should fuck before dinner at least one hour of solitude. No matter where or how, but be sure to be in retreat. At least one hour a try to see.

At lunch even gather the whole family. Living together and far came to this day. Lunch let cook from the fact that the Earth has given birth to the dinner hour. Let everyone put something on the table that wish to heart and soul.

And gently in each other's eyes look all members of the family. And bless the table let the oldest with the most junior. And at the table relaxed conversation let the sounds. About good conversation should be. On each next one.

Unusually, the bright picture emerges described Anastasia. And I felt myself sitting at a table, and a number of people. Inspired by the holiday, believe in him, more true to say, as if he had already occurred, and I added:

- It must be the first to say a toast before dinner. Glasses all raise. For the Earth to have a drink with the Love. - It seemed that I was holding a glass in his hand.

And suddenly it:

- Vladimir, let it not be on the table drunk poison.

- Glass was gone from my hands. And the whole picture of the holiday was gone.

- Anastasia, stop! Do not spoil the holiday!

- Well, if you want, even on the table wine from the berries would need to drink small sips of it.

- Well, let wine. That just did not change habits. And after dinner we do?

- Let the people returned to the city. Gathering the fruits of their uchastochka Earth, driven in baskets, and will treat the fruits of those who do not have them.

Oh, how many positive emotions on this day! They will win many diseases. And those who predicted the death of sickness, and those who did not drive out the years, gone. Let him who is terminally ill il slightly, enough to meet the flow of people to this day, with its uchastochkov returned.

Rays of Love, Good and brought back fruits heal, overcome the disease. Look! Look! Railway station. People stream with colored baskets. Look how the light and peace of good people's eyes.

Anastasia as if beamed, increasingly warming to the idea of ​​a holiday. Her eyes no longer just a joy shone, they sparkled like the blue light. Her expression changed different, but always joyful nuances, as if in her mind a torrent raced picture great holiday.

Suddenly she stopped, and then, bending one knee and raised his right hand up and pushed one foot from the ground and soared like an arrow, rose above the Earth. Almost before the first knot Cedars doprygnul.

When dropped, he waved his hand, clapped her hands - in the meadow bluish glow spilled over everything. And then Anastasia govorimoe if repeated every tiny blade of grass and every insect and majestic cedar.

Phrases like Anastasia strengthened silischa invisible. They were not loud, but it seemed that hears them every zhilochki vast universe. And I also inserted his sentence. Because it was impossible to resist as she began:

- In Russia, this day will come visit! All those who gave birth to the Atlanteans Earth! As the prodigal to return the children! And let all over Russia to this day people wake up at dawn.

And let the whole day Universal harp strings melody sound happy. All bards even on the streets and in the courts to play guitar. And those who are too old, let this day pobudet very young, like many, many years ago.

- And I, Anastasia, will be young?

- And we're with you, Vladimir, we are young, how are young people will for the first time. And old children write letters. And children are his parents. And kids really, your first step in making life in a joyful world, happy will let them. And on this day, nothing upset children. Let adults on an equal footing will be with them.

And all the gods descend to earth. On the day of the Gods let all translate into simple images. And God is one, Universal, will be happy. Let this day you will be very happy! Love lit up the Earth!

Anastasia fascinated holiday pictures. She circled the clearing, as if in a dance, are increasingly warming to.

- Stop! Stop! - I called Anastasia, suddenly realizing that she takes everything seriously. She did not just say the words. I realized it simulates every word and odd phrasing! Simulates painting holiday!

And with its inherent tenacity will simulate them, dream about it, until her dreams come true in reality. As a fanatical will to dream! For our gardeners try as twenty years before trying. And I shouted to stop it:

- Do not you understand? After all, this is a joke, with a holiday! I was joking!

Anastasia suddenly stopped. I looked at it like, so right in the soul ached as if something from the expression on her face. Her face distraught as the child was. And with pain, regret looked at me her eyes. As if I'm the destroyer of some kind. And almost a whisper she said:

- I took seriously, Vladimir. I have modeled everything. And the chain of events in the coming telegrams human intertwined link. Without them, the broken sequence of events. I took yours, believe in it, made.

I felt truly you spoke about the holiday, about telegrams. Do not take back the spoken word. You just help me with telegrams that I, like you said, could help his Ray.

- Okay, I'll try, just calm down, maybe these telegrams nobody wants to send ...

- There will be people, those who understand. Feel the government and the Duma to your too. And it will be a holiday! Will be! Look ...

Again rushed holiday pictures. So I wrote about it more walk as tells the heart and soul.

From Vladimir Megre books "Ringing Cedars of Russia"

Image   Dachnik Day, July 23, 2016. This image belongs to Vladimir Megre

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