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Far East - Jewish Autonomous Oblast: "Settlement Source"


"Settlement Source" is the second-most eastern of the Anastasia-inspired settlements currently. It is very close to Khabarovsk and Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan. If you have some idea that Far East Russia is snow-covered all year around, these photos will show you otherwise. The latitude of this community equates to north of San Francisco in California and Washington state, USA. It's fairly temperate. Please enjoy...

All community descriptions and photographs are taken from website. The entire website is written in Russian with options for translations into 100 languages, embedded in the website. Some of the English text taken from this website might therefore, not be entirely correct grammatically. Some is corrected. Other passages are left as they represent Russian perspectives and language idioms. To see the whole article and all the photos, please go to this community's page on the "Anastasia" website. Thank you...

Settlement "Source" (Istok)

Settlement "Istok" 

Jewish Autonomous Region. Settlement of patrimonial estates Source

Settlement ancestral homes "Source" is located in the Russian Far East in the Jewish Autonomous Region, 29 km from the city of Birobidzhan. Village Yellow Yar is one kilometer from the territory of the settlement. The village has a convenience store, club, school and kindergarten. The first settlers came to the ground in the spring of 2011, and a year later a settlement started to develop rapidly. We have acquired the ownership of 40 hectares of land. The land is in agricultural categories for conducting LPH. Lots start at about 300 meters from the paved road. By the settlement is quite a strong dirt road.

Settlement "Source" is located in a picturesque location: The beautiful hills Uldury visible up to 700 metres, near a grove, on the other side of the road is a bay for river Bira and beautiful oak alley where in the late summer from under the loose leaves, peep white mushrooms. On the field, in contrast to the wild nature of the village over in the grass live quail, pheasants, rare under the roofs of buildings settle swallows in the spring in nizinke, and where there is water, swim wild ducks. The guests come from the forest deer and foxes, and even nature is very trusting.

Local flora is very rich and diverse, many medicinal plants, mushrooms and berries. In the adjoining settlement forests growing linden viburnum, hawthorn, wild apple, buckthorn, wild rose, hazel, Korean pine, grapes and others. In the gardens is free, with no shelter for the winter growing pear, apple, apricot, plum and other fruit and berry plants.

As our village is young and small, the infrastructure in it yet, but the territory has already been allocated land for common home, a place for a large pond, marked road between estates. Carrying power lines on the territory of the settlement not planiruets I, for families with electricity are considering alternative sources of energy: wind turbines, solar panels, etc. as sources of water, each family sets the column.

In 2013 in the settlement of two families live permanently. Five more families are beginning to equip their ancestral homes, including two school-age children. In total, the settlement is 13 people.

Currently actively engaged in restoring the soil on permaculture methods, planting of trees "common place", together reviving Slavic holidays and traditions.

We plan to create the City of Masters for the revival of folk crafts. On his family estate, settlers plan to establish a nursery of wild and cultivated plants, beekeeping and horse breeding.

It is beautiful, nice and comfortable.
We look forward to new, young and enterprising neighbors.

Our contact details:
Basil and Alice Fungal 
phone 8-914-016-90-72 

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  1. I am so glad there are some spaces of love in the world. It is a struggle to get arable land to live on in my motherland U.S.A. They want us to be slaves to the mortgage system instead of restoring paradise.

    1. I think this is probably the same all over the world Anon. There is nearly 470 million acres of arable, farmable land that is now in cultivation in the USA. On this link: - and there are around 320,000,000 people living in the USA. That works out to every man woman and child in the USA being able to receive around 1.5 acres of arable (productive) farmland each. This is much more than what many countries can offer. Eg: in the United Kingdom, there is slightly less than 1 acre available for every man woman and child. The plan Anastasia lays out for humanity would be extremely successful in America! : )