Sunday, 29 May 2016

1 hectare of land: Co-creating a "Garden Paradise" on earth

Image by Pavel Dudkin Volvograd, Russia

Anastasia's dream for all families to be gifted 1 hectare (2.4 acres) of land freely by their government is happening right now, starting with Russia. The purpose of this is so the entire earth can return to its pristine origins and become a "garden paradise".

Interestingly, there is 7.5 billion aces of arable, fertile, farmland on the earth - the same number of people that are currently on the planet. It doesn't take a mathemetician to realise that there is enough fertile soil for every man, woman, boy and girl to be gifted 1 acre each right now. Therefore: a family of 5 could potentially receive 5 acres - which is two hectares if they wanted it. This gives space for the children to occupy that same land with their spouses when they become adults, if they should wish to do so.

Anastasia outlines a perfect and wonderful plan for humanity in the Ringing Cedars books. You can buy the books here at author Vladimir Megre's website -

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Painting by Pavel Dudkin

Vladimir Megre and the Mikhail Kalinin that sailed up the Ob river in Siberia, that fateful spring of 1994.

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  1. I hope, this idea is going around the hole world quickly!

    1. It will Bernhard, so long as everybody keeps remembering to share these articles. As far as I can see, not many English-language bloggers have gotten a hold of this material yet... so this might be the 'go-to' place for a lot of people to refer their friends to <3