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Example of a Kin's Settlement in Russia: "Ladushki"

Russia. ringing cedars of Russia

Kin's Settlement "Ladushki"

Our group of like-minded people was formed long before the passage of the statute "Respecting Kin's domains in Belgorod Oblast". We often met together, shared our thoughts, celebrated holidays, became acquainted with other like-minded individuals in Belgorod Oblast, and studied the history of our native area.

Our thoughts and hopes are bound up with this picturesque place alongside the village of Dmitrievka surrounded by sizeable forest tracts and ponds, which have their source in the purest supplies of subterranean waters in this district, and which at one time emerged in a great number of springs. According to the historical information, these springs were called wellsprings, and the purest were called white wellsprings.

Our fields are located in these areas; the official name of the location is Balka Bely Kolodez [White wellspring ravine]. We hope that our development on this land will assist in reviving not only the natural diversity of animal and plant life, but in improving the relations between nature and man, which are growing weaker in our technocratic age. We invite all like-minded persons to join our harmonious family to make our cherished dream a reality—to create a Kin's estate.

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Russia. ringing cedars of Russia

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