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"Family Homestead" on Facebook... A wonderful Page to visit

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Anastasia says that if we desire to find our "Family Homestead" or "Kins Domain", a very quick way to bring this about is to draw our plan in detail of what we want. When we have done this, what we see in our mind's eye, now on paper, comes to us much more quickly. Many people have created these drawings and are now living on land. Anastasia lays out a very good plan for us to follow...

Please see "Family Homestead" for many examples of villages around the world.

There are currently about 300 settlements of Family Homesteads on the planet Earth. Internet forums for the establishment of new settlements are operational in the following locations:

Australia (Family Homestead)—

China (家園 tr. Jia Yuen)—

Czech Republic (Rodový Statek)—

Germany (Familien Landsitz)—

Hungary (Birtok Közösség)—


Russia (Родовое Поместье tr. Rodovoye Pomestye)—

United States of America (Family Homestead / Kin's Domain)—

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Dear friends ~ We are writing to you from the settlement "Vedrussiya", located in the Southern part of Russia in the foothills of Caucasian mountains. It is two hours to the Black Sea by car, and eighteen hours by foot...  Our settlement was the first one in Russia to be settled by readers of "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, by Vladimir Megre. We were really inspired by Anastasia's ideas. The people who started it had many difficulties to overcome, but now we have a beautiful mountain view and a huge space of love, made by us, our children and our families, with the help of nature and the universe.

Family Homestead settlements in Russia have become an interesting topic for many people in Europe who are searching for meaningful, healthy and community-oriented lifestyles. In this report Stefan Wolf recounts his extraordinary impressions staying with the Russian families he came to know and appreciate, who received him with open arms and showed him everything.

Settlement in Focus -- Skazochny Krai, Russia

📖 The Tale of Skazochny Krai 📖

☀🏡 In the south of our Mother Russia, there is settlement of family homesteads called Skazochny Krai. It means the "Land of Dreams". The settlement is really in a fabulous location. 140 hectares of mountain and river between the foothills of the Caucasus and Shebsh river. It's only 3 hours' drive on a good road from the Black Sea. Nearby are the centuries-old dolmens.

Wildlife is at its best, framed in a picturesque landscape. Here run deer and hares, pheasants are permanent guests, and also wild boars - though rare. There are blooming apple orchards, oaks and elms, hazelnuts and abundant harvests of mushrooms. Wild forest goes from Skazochny Krai all the way to Mount Elbrus.

The residents of the settlement call themselves "Skazochnikami" and "Skazochnitsami". It means fablers, dreamers and storytellers. These are strong families with children - young couples. All versatile people with unique talents and skills. Together they are united by a common idea, to create and equip family homesteads to live in good-neighbourliness, love and harmony. The settlement is vegetarian, all are friendly towards nature and lead a healthy, conscious lifestyle. It is not fanatical, rather friendly and open to all the good new or forgotten old.

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