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Answer: Do people have to pay rent for the land, after 5 years?

This article follows on from yesterday's article entitled:
Question: Do people have to pay rent for the land, after 5 years?

Image - Settlement "Kuzminovskaya Sloboda"

Here is a reply from Yuri Smirnov who lives in Russia, dated May 5, 2016. This helps ourselves in the rest of the world understand what the Russian system is  :)  Yuri says:

"There is no rent to pay on the free land at all. Here we better use another word - "land tax". Usual land tax will be charged after 5 years of land use. It is not big money - about 0.3 % of the official cost of the land per year for the land entitled [designated] for agricultural purposes."

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Please click on the link to see quotations from Russian news media and politicians stating that there may be "rent" to pay on the "Far hectare" properties.

This word "rent" was derived from Google Translate, as all of these original sources were published in the Russian language. Therefore, this is a classic case of key ideas being "Lost in translation" !! Most definitely !!

(Sorry about that Yuri. I should have come straight to you first. I'll know for next time something 'strange' appears in Google Translate!)  :)

What Google Translate needed to say was "Land Tax" or "Rates". We would call this "Rates" here in New Zealand and probably by other names in different countries. From reading other articles in the Russian language we find this "Land Tax" may be lifted entirely from the "kins domains" in Russia - which is probably also why there's some hesitation in the local Russian news reports of there being any "land tax" (aka "rent") at all !!  That's probably because, right now, the Russian Duma is deciding on a new law that would make "kins domains" land in Russia, free of any "land tax", because only properties designated "agricultural" pays "land tax".

Article here:

Image - Settlement "Kuzminovskaya Sloboda"

How wonderful !!!  Especially for people who are already on their kins domain in Russia. This would take one more financial burden off the people who have already settled onto the land. This isn't passed in law yet, but by the way things are developing in Russia, i'm sure it will get passed  :)

The bill put forward in the Duma is about changing the status of these 1 hectare plots from "Agricultural Land" to "Land Settlements". Then there will be no "Land Tax" to pay. I have yet to clarify this point with Yuri, but this is what the Russian article about this bill seems to be saying.

This might be why these Russian language news releases keep saying things like: "Later, after a 5-year period, according to the decision of the authorized body, portion may be transferred to the citizen as a property (for a fee or free) or rented," as seen here:

This translation by Google Translate has created some confusion.
Sorry about that  :(

Here's some more about the new law currently being discussed:
On May 24, 2016 the Bill was still in its first reading. The new legislation (if passed) will change the status of the Russian "kins domains" from "Agricultural" to "Settlement" land  :)  Therefore:  No land tax  :)  Good news !!

Please note:  "Kins domains" to ourselves in the West is called "Patrimony" or "Family Estates" by the Russian readers of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books.

Image -  Settlement "Kuzminovskaya Sloboda"

Here is the continuation of the conversation after the following question was raised:
"I am wondering the land is for 5 years free, but after that you have to pay rent?"

I still think it's a conversation worth reading and a perspective worth reflecting upon...  ie: Of people on the "Far hectare" land working in with local authorities with an aim of uplifting the whole Far East region  :)

BronnyNZ Administrator on the Anastasia-Vladimir Megre facebook Page said - It looks like they [the Russian authorities] are undecided. This is a pilot - first trial. So I guess the regional administration will decide if people's produce and handcrafts are bringing enough tourist dollars into the region [for example]. If trade is happening, I suspect the land will stay rent free.

Updated May 5, 2016:  I now understand this is about "land tax" and not "rent". I also now understand that this is not dependent on any "production of goods" whatsoever, but on whether the new law being discussed gets passed or not. My apologies for my wrong assumptions previously. I won't delete the following part of the conversation, as I still think the ideas apply, as Anastasia points out to us in the books. We now see the purpose of such production is more about "education" for the rest of the world - so the rest of the world can find out about the "Ringing Cedars" books - and less about 'revenue gathering' for the Far East administration... although I feel this is still needed, to help build up the region.

Please read the rest of this article on the link below. The discussion continues after the second image on this link:

Image Settlement "Kuzminovskaya Sloboda"

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