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Currently 337 "rodovoe pomestie" villages in Russia - June 4, 2016.

Russian regions

For more about "rodovoe pomestie" (pr. rod-o-voy pom-es-tea-ay) please see this article: What is "Kin's domain", "Space of love" and "Rodovoe Pomestie"?

In Russia, there are 337 "Ringing Cedars" settlements as of June 4, 2016

1 Altay region in the district with. Paspaul bodies. 
Republic of Altay, Choya District,. Paspaul. Land of the Altai Mountains. There are sites in the village and there is a clearing at the manor. In clearings in the mountain forest roads, no electricity. Cellular Communication - MTS 3G, Beeline 2G.

2 Altay region Settlement "Valley of Ra" Yakovleva Oksana Vadimovna 
89619957883, 89132225005 Ekaterina Veryugina, 89059891035 skype Svetlana Khodchenko boyarkinffi
In Charyshsky District of the Altai Territory. Earth - the wooded hills with streams, fertile black soil. Before Barnaul 300 km.

3 Altay region Settlement Careful 
Sergey Lobanov: tel 8963-500-9726, and 658,181 village Ust-Tulatinka,, ul.Tsentralnaya 34
Eugene: kmssrv #
Charyshsky reg. Very beautiful place on the bank of the river Charysh for crossing in 20-35 km from the village Charyshsky. Earth under the RP 150 hectares and another 50 hectares of common use.

4 Altay region Settlement tons Berezan 
8-913-210-3429 -. Helena raniko # Kosikhinsky District, 6 km. on p. Nalobiha. (Art. Ovchinnikov) from Barnaul to c. Nalobiha 70km., Birch forest, lake, two small rivers, mushrooms, berries, herbs. 6 km. Pinery.

5 Altai Territory Settlement Zimarev 
8-913-253-3353, 8-960-967-9857 30 km away. from Barnaul, Kalmansky District

6 Altai Territory Settlement Kaltash 
tons. 8-983-393-0988 Krasnogorsk district

7 Altai Territory Settlement Kanachak 649172, Altai Republic, Turochaksky District, with. Kanachak Str. Nina, 5. Sviridenko Vitale and Light
Turochaksky district, about 120km from Biysk direction on Turochak, Artybash, before you reach the village "Lake Kureevo", then just a little walk to the ferry .... The land is located on the opposite bank of the road, there is no bridge, use the crossing.

8 Altai Territory Settlement Joyful bodies. 
8-962-820-21-22 20 km from Biisk in the direction of Barnaul to Lugovskoye pointer and + 13 to the Lugovskogo + 13 km to us

9 Altai Territory Settlement SVETOGOR 
T. 8-961-986-4172 Vladimir in an area. Solonovka Smolensk district

10 Altai Territory Settlement Lights  
Ivan Simonenko 89136967712,
Masalskaya Nataliya 89139938273,
Simon Galina 89236633788
Located in Maiminsky area 5 km from the bus terminus Alferov Gorno-Altaisk. Located at the bottom of the mountainside Kolbashka northwest of the summit. 11 Number of sites: employed - 11 winters - 1. There is the possibility of expanding the settlements.

11 Arkhangelsk Oblast Settlement lepota in St. Petersburg 
Teterina Tatiana t (812) 752-81-69, m.t.8-905-257-51-91 E-mail: settlement is located in the south of the Arkhangelsk region in Konosha District, on the banks of the river Vel.

12 Settlement of Bashkortostan "New Land" 
Vladimir Eugene 8-927-929-85-60 8-927-635-18-87 Located 15 km west of Kumertau (directly 9 km) in a hilly area on the southern slope. Plots demarcated hexagons (cells) on 1.5 hectares. The area allows to make natural pools at each site and use the original landscape designs. There is a communal house.

13 Lagutovka Bashkortostan, Russian 
Alexander Fomin 8-906-10-00-210
Gayaz 8-917-41-355-23 district Archangelsk on. Lagutovka
Settlement Lagutovka-Russian is 30 kilometers from the district center with. Arkhangelsk (in the northeast). Only 8 families until, year-round home to 2 families. Beautiful nature, two small mountain streams, remoteness from the city and the wild animals in the area (hares, foxes, wolves, bears).

14 Settlement of Bashkortostan "grace Glade" 
Tatyana 89053551617- Lonshakova 89603894059 - Lyudmila Chernikova Olga Makeeva-89273488939
Birsk area - near the villages and Suslovo Desyatkin. The slope is surrounded on three sides by broad-leaved forest, with plantations of cedar, larch, fir, pine forest. In the forest, the river Atyshka in which the usual grayling. There are springs. Lots of berries, nuts, rich in herbs and mushrooms. There are two karst, drying up in the heat of the lake - Crane and Swan.

15 Bashkortostan settlement "Krasnaya Polyana" 
Camille 8-917-43-55-413 Marat 8-917-45-60-253
Sergey 8-917-78-51-601 district Gafuriysky. We are located 10 km from the village. Krasnousolsk the Republic of Bashkortostan. The area - 95 hectares. The flora is diverse: birch, aspen, oak, elm, maple, alder, elm, pine, etc. The soil - black earth. Many herbs, lots of mushrooms and berries. Water is from 4 to 9 meters. 42 families have already equip their ancestral homes.

16 Settlement of Bashkortostan "Silent Call" 
79279449395 - Fairuza Kamaltdinova, 79374837878 - Vladimir Chepushkanov is in d.Romanovka, Birsk District, Republic of Bashkortostan. 70 km from Ufa and 17 km from g.Birsk. Near the settlement of softwood sev.storony landing from the west river Rayaz (Tadlinka) formed springs 5-6. The area around the settlement is hilly, so characteristic of small fields surrounded by forest ravines and streams.

17 Settlement of Bashkortostan "Chick-Elga" 
Elvira Ismagilov 8-903-35-50-123
Oksana Kulikova 8-917-456-13-91 
Olga Popova
Arthur 8-905-006-67-34 Arkhangelsk region, 110 km from Ufa Beloretsk on the road, the road from the road asphalt 10 km to the village. Maxim Gorky, 4 km good gravel road to the village. Chick-Elga.

18 Bashkortostan Settlement Atysh Andrei Pastukhov 8-927-339-16-23 district Archangelsk

19 Bashkortostan Settlement Belogorie Shamsigaleeva 
Tatiana 8-917-730-61-26
Guzel Gazieva 8-917-460-77-79 district Iglinskiy, d. Tavtimanovo

20 Bashkortostan Settlement Due Vladimir 
Eugene 89279298560 89276351887
Kumertau district 20 km from Kumertau, to the west of Kumertau - South Bashkiria

21 Bashkortostan Settlement Kangulovo Surkov 
Raisa Alexandrovna 8-961-36-79-780 Yuri Morozov 8-927-08-20-964
For us to settle the family estate is located near the village of Kangulovo, 18 km from the town of Neftekamsk Kaltasinsky District in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

22 Bashkortostan Settlement Favorite 
Tatyana Agapov, Ufa, t. 8-3472-31-88-02 8-917-73-12-652
Birsky District, d. Kalinnikov. Near the village and Sorviha Zuyevo.

23 Bashkortostan Settlement 
robin Rakhimov Ruslan and Ksenia
 +79177931111 (MTS) +79050004706 (beeline)
 +79373451901 (Megaphone)
 skype: rahimova-ksusha (preferred communication)
 acq 555-906-369
We create Settlement ancestral homes in our beautiful region - on the ground Uchalinsky the Republic of Bashkortostan.

24 Settlement of Bashkortostan
Meleuz Meleuz have an environmental club. In it listed 17 people. Chairman of the club Absalyamova Sultanovna Almira, that is. 8-264-43683. She can learn the details of the settlement Land 160 hectares Fyodorovsky tract, the former village Zagribaevka and Vozdvizhenka. 25 km from Salavat Meleuz aside, on the right side. Places stunning for its beauty, with the eastern side of the ridge covered with forest. Eagles fly directly above the settlement, there are hares, moose, etc.

25 Bashkortostan Settlement Alexander Mikhailovsky, tel. 89373597124 Tatiana; tel. 89273442293 Masha Arkhangelsk region

26 Bashkortostan Settlement Rainbow 
Maria -
Anatoly -
Beloretsk district, 40 km from Beloretsk.

27 Bashkortostan Settlement Suhopol 
Yuri Dunayev 89033123855
Arkhangelsk region of the Republic of Bashkortostan. 110 km from Ufa. Ancestral Home Dunayev.

28 Settlement of Bashkortostan 
Nikolay Tatyanovka Contact 79174729895 79177423114 Irina 3476 337 215 34794 74189 Salavat in Tatyanovke Itkulovsky s / s Ishimbaisky district, 40 km from Salavat

Settlement Kangulovo

29 Bashkortostan Settlement Frolovskoye 
Hope 89876051725, 89191540248 Tatyana, whats app 89273127676
Arkhangelsk region, on the basis of the village of Upper Frolovskiy. The town with views of the mountains, which are located around the village, with a dense mixed forest, dominated by deciduous trees, clean air and fertile climate, because the village is located on a small rise relative to the surrounding places with lots of underground springs.

30 Bashkortostan Settlement Chikulsky 
cedar Lezhnev Sergey 8-987-022-39-16
Ramil Rakhimkulov 8-917-43-94-778
Meleuzovsky area, beautiful nature. Roads of small pebbles, even in rainy weather, there is no dirt. Next begins the forest and mountains. Many mushrooms and berries.

31 Bashkortostan Net Settlement Lake 
tonnes. 8-9273341085 Alexander, Natalia
District Aurgazinsky d. Volkov. Currently, the village remained 3 houses wintering population. In summer, a little more - how people come to the country. The place is beautiful, quiet and clean air, in the village of the lake, the forest around the village, but is very spacious. Places a lot, within the boundaries of the village - for about 10 sites on 1.1 - 1.6 hectares. It is possible to expand the boundaries of the settlement, as the number of inhabitants.

32 Belgorod Oblast Settlement "Korenskie springs" 
+ 7-915-569-90-15 (Alexander), + 7-951-147-96-03 (Valera), + 7-905-672-35- 99 (Sergey), Lobachyov Vladimir + 7-905-679-11-39 LobachevV @ In a picturesque location in Shebekinsky area near the hamlet Gremyachiy acquired arable field under the settlement - 40 ha. On the field boundary with ravine has 2 spring. Flowing, they form two small lakes. 2 km from the village through the forest root of the river flows. On the farm there are wells.

33 Belgorod Oblast Settlement "Serebryany Bor" ("Ustinka")
mob. 8-915-526-3000 Lyudmila
Located in a Ustinka Belgorod Belgorod region, 45 km from the city of Belgorod, 4 km from the Russian-Ukrainian border. Bordering village wonderful lake Lozove. The area of ​​the settlements is 76.4 hectares. In this area are located 55 ancestral homes.

34 Belgorod Oblast Settlement Red 
Constantine +7 919-288-74-93 (MTS)
 Paul +7 919-283-09-64 (MTS) +7 980-377-21-16
We are located in the village of Red Prokhorovsky Belgorod region. It is 65 km to the border Belgorod and 80 km to Belgorod city center.

35 Belgorod Oblast Settlement Ladushki 
Samofalov Ivan 89103623157
 Imambekov Marat
Our village is created close to the village Dmitrievka, more specifically in the fields, which the administration has transferred the land of agricultural destination in land settlements, ie geographically our village is part of the village.

36 Belgorod Oblast Settlement Rainbow 
+ 7.920-101-47-67 (Just SMS - voice is very bad, half the words inaudible) E-mail: (Sergey Maslёnkin)
10 km south of Stary Oskol (by car), or - about 3 km - directly.

37 Belgorod Oblast Settlement RaSvet cleanest places in the Belgorod region, Valuisky district, near to. Podgornoe

38 Belgorod Oblast Khutor Mochaki 
Anastasia, mob. 8-915-577-39-71;
Victor, mob. 8-915-577-39-73
Farm Mocháki Prokhorovsky area. Nearby the farm waiting for their owners

39 Bryansk Oblast Settlement "Silver Dew" 
8-915-536-16-88 Natalia
8-919-192-85-65 Maria
8-915-536-32-35 Ludmila Settlement "Silver Dew" is located 30 km from Bryansk

40 Bryansk Oblast Settlement near Subotiv 
Write - Kovchanu Alexander, Andrew Gladilin
The first steps to create a generic settlements in Vygonichsky District Bryansk region, near the village Subotiv (right bank of the Desna River).

41 Bryansk Oblast Settlement 
Voroninka 8-905-174-24-05 Sergey,
It is located near the extinct village Voroninka, Karachevsky district of the Bryansk region

42 Bryansk Oblast Settlement Chukhray 
Vadim and Irina tons. 8-953-272-50-71
We Chukhray settlers of the village, which is located in the Bryansk region Suzemsky District, 40 km from the center of town Suzemka.

43 Vladimir region Settlement Zhivograd 
8 925 8834634 8 906 6156547 Vladimir region, Kolchugino. The whole earth is a field of about 100 hectares, the terrain is hilly. a small slope to the south, the field is surrounded by a forest, on the south side of the river flows through Peksha 200 meters, there are found cancers. Malenko many streams and springs.

44 Vladimir region Settlement Druzhnoye
8 920 929 6902 Artem, 8-920-621-82-46 - Alexei 8-920-623-91-78 - Vlad
Sudogodsky District, Municipality Golovinskoye (rural) settlement, east of the village of Klina. The area of ​​about 250 hectares, 30 km to Vladimir to Moscow, 200 km, permanently residing at 5 sites, the settlement between the forest and the river Kamenka.

45 Vladimir region Settlement Zavetnoe 
Gorelov Rimma Vladimirovna 8-920-911-15-70 8-926-523-14-56 d-rimma @
Vladimir region, Sudogodsky district, p / o Ilyin, between the villages and Konyaevo Klimovskaya. On both sides of the field goes around a stream with beavers. Earth-sand, but in some parts of clay. Winters 8 out of 50

46 Vladimir region Settlement Okay the left side of a beautiful lake and the fields "mother" is the settlement of patrimonial estates, "Okay." Under the common territory allocated more than three and a half hectares, which is already dug a pond, planted hedge, laid a small garden, as well as in the process of building the house of creativity.

47 Vladimir region Settlement Lyubodar 
Gennady 8-965-385-99-80 Melenkovsky Located in the area of ​​the Vladimir region. The distance from the village to Vladimir - 120 km, to Moore - 60 km. The settlement is a field of 178 hectares, surrounded by forests of Murom. Type of soil: clay loam and sandy loam. Vegetation: pine, birch, willow, aspen, spruce, juniper, oak trees, medicinal herbs.

48 Vladimir Oblast Mayskoye Settlement
Alena 8905752 15 63, Constantine 8903519 12 81,
http: //mayskoe.rf/
Our land is located in the north-west Melenkovsky District Vladimir Region.

49 Vladimir region Settlement Podyablochnoe 
Boris 8 9165277260
We are located in the Vladimir region, 10 km from the town of Kolchugino

50 Vladimir region Settlement Rainbow
Alexei 8-904-253-40-99, 35 kilometers from the city Carpet; 5 kilometers from the village Krestnikova. The field is located on a hill, with three sides surrounded by a pine forest 300 meters wide on both sides Forest is located on the rising terrain. Meters in trusts sufficiently large body of water.

51 Vladimir region Settlement Native +7 (920) 918-3992 Sudogodsky district, near the village. Ilyin. Here people live local and have moved from different countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldovan, German, American, Polish, urban and rural. Winters 60 families

52 Vladimir Oblast Vladimir Settlement Bright (Moscow) 
8,903,975 83 83 8,920,903 9032 skype: plena1884
The village Ulyahino 1 km to the district center (Gus Crystal) 37 km to Vladimir (regional center) 123 km. The nearest village 2 shops, a kindergarten, a post office, sawmill, lake. River 2 km and a stream 500 meters. The forest surrounding the site. Paved road to the settlement.

53 Vladimir region Settlement Sozoniha 
Yuryev-Polsky District of Vladimir region

54 Vladimir region Settlement Berry 
Igor 8-9161545432, 8-9015997122 Andrew Field is a great location - in the national "Meschera" park, Vladimir region, approximately 160 km. from Moscow.

55 Volgograd region Settlement Paradise 
Vyacheslav 988018421, 918955012, 9375590104 Sredneakhtubinsky District. Looking for Owners of land, who will be engaged in the settlement, the site and all who want to build ancestral homes in our settlement. On both sides of lakes and pond depth of 15 meters to 500 meters from the ground. There are fish, mushrooms, mixed forest. Earth as a feather.

56 Volgograd region Settlement Springs
Dimitrenko Basil - 8-917-338-62-79,
Vladimir Gerashchenko - 8-902-383-50-01,
Anatoly Kravchuk - 8-905-336-35-61 Dubovsky Located in the district of the Volgograd region about 40 km from the city of Volgograd. The total area of ​​the settlement at the moment is a little less than 110 hectares. About our settlement there are 2 large spring.

57 Volgograd region Settlement "at the Rainbow Bear" 
8-9275245463 9053387583 8
The settlement is created on the basis of farm Tarasov Danilovsky district of the Volgograd region. there except football and volleyball courts in the settlement. More children are playing there. Equipped with a playground on the common position. The project is composed by drawings of children. Conducted camps. Equipped kupalka on a spring. There wells. Total house there.

58 Volgograd region Settlement Kalinka
Eleanor 89053311738, 89033703929 Olga We are located in a wonderful corner of Sredneahtubinsky flood of 1500 m to the southeast of n. Kalinin. From the Volga to the settlement of only 30 km.

59 Vologda Oblast Settlement Salozere 
162900, Vytegra Vologda Oblast, ul. October 25, d 12, tel / fax: 8 (81746) 2-44-53, NP "SALOZERE"..; Fokina Arina 89212305867;,
Vytegra district. Various fish and crayfish in the lake, an abundance of white and other fungi in the forest berries -. In the marshes, Potentilla and other herbs -. All very close!

60 Voronezh region Settlement Happy Cornflowers 
Demchenko Alexander 89507709784 area -160 ha, land settlement, 70 km from Voronezh, 2.5 km from the Lipetsk region, on the basis of villages "Vasilevsky Settlement" and "Vasilevka ".

61 Voronezh region Settlement ARYAVARTA
The settlement is located in Semiluki district of Voronezh region, near the village Kondrashovka. Near the river Veduga in her small river flows Serebryanka, there are 4 stream, pond and 4. A lot of springs with healing water of life.

62 Voronezh region Settlement Blagodatnoe
Bondarenko Evgeniy 8 (4732) -137181, 89202281144
We found a beautiful, but long ago nobody kept garden. The park is located 22 km from Voronezh over the River Don, the nearest village 3 km.S two sides of the garden surrounded by ravines. Nearby runs a small trail to a little more than 2 km. Buses in this direction run every 30 minutes, so you can access at any time.

63 Lights of Voronezh region Settlement, tel. +79204322790 - Elena Stepura
Start to develop from the deserted farm Atamanovka, Rossosh Voronezh region.

64 Voronezh region Settlement Spassky 
Eugene 89056584763
The old farmhouse "Spassky" - surrounded by meadows, along the little river Dry Vereyka. Small grove around the farm on three sides, about one and a half kilometers away. Many springs. The farm is no running water, the water is taken from wells or springs.

65 Jewish Autonomous Region Settlement "Source" 
Fungal Basil and Alice 89140169072, 89140169170,
Settlement ancestral homes "Sources" is located in the Russian Far East in the Jewish Autonomous Region, 29 km from the town of Birobidzhan.Vidny Uldury hills up to 700 m, near a grove, bay, river Bira and beautiful oak alley, where white mushrooms are growing. In the field of live quails, pheasants, rare under the roofs of buildings swallows settle in nizinke where there is water, swim wild ducks. From the forests come roe deer and foxes.

66 Ivanovo Oblast Settlement BOGATYRSKY 
Loskutov, Valery 89206701367, 89109980678 Sergei Korolev
Located in a picturesque setting, 14 km from the city of Ivanovo. Earth surrounded by a pine forest, in the center of the village - a beautiful birch-aspen grove.

67 Irkutsk Oblast Settlement Ladoga 
Zhitov Alexander 89,149,479,681 at free sites
Sedletskii Alexander 89021722701 for General Affairs
Boutkevitch Eugene t. 89086539113 on current issues
26 km from Angarsk, Irkutsk oblasti.100 km from Lake Baikal. Near the taiga and the mountains. Ladoga is located on the plain, the site of abandoned meadows in the tract Tselota river, between the villages of Nizovtseva and B. Elan.

68 Kaliningrad Oblast Settlement Aurasfeld
Julia 89632951058, skype: julia-moschkina
On seven hills along Krasnolesye family live in the family estate. Pos.Plavni 1 km, Ozersk (district center) -18 km, Kaliningrad 120 km. Here, streams, springs, lakes, there are gardens, mushrooms, different kinds of berries.

69 Kaliningrad Oblast Forestry Settlement 
Cyril 89114890400
Nearest - g.Ozersk - 26 km g.Gusev - 35 km p.Plavni - p.Kruglovka 2km - 3km p.Gavrilovo - 4 km. The land on the border of mixed forests in the Kaliningrad region., Near several large lakes.

70 Kaluga Oblast Settlement Noble
Statsenko Nina 89208864266, 89208760962, Vladimir, Sergei Tarakanov
Kirovsky district. Our settlement on the bank of the river to shrink surrounded by fields and mixed forests. The river is clean, spring, winter does not freeze. A lot of strawberries and forest - mushrooms, raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, stone bramble. The abundance of medicinal herbs and meadow flowers. The soils are not very fertile - sandy, but apple and plum orchards grow and bear fruit.

71 Kaluga Oblast Settlement Ark
Total house there. It runs its own school. The "Ark" an hour a day running his shop. Arrival of guests is limited.

72 Kaluga Oblast Settlement Medynka 
Artem 89200946909
Kaluga region, Medyn district, village Podolino. The area is rich in mushrooms and strawberries, as well as forest paths for walks both on foot and on horseback.

73 Kaluga region Yuri Settlement 
Milёnki 89,106,091,608 89,109,120,296 Oleg Igor 89267644106 Settlement is located in Dzerzhinsky district of the Kaluga region near Milёnki villages Luzhnoe, Potapova, about 40 km. north-west of Kaluga and 25 km. Kondrovo from the district center. It is located in an ecologically clean area and borders the national park "Ugra". Clean and beautiful river Ugra runs 2 km. from the settlement.

74 Kaluga Oblast Settlement Strelёnki 
Dmitry 89208757827, 89157438385
Kaluga region, Masalski. The settlement is located on the shore of a clean river with a sandy bottom, where you can go swimming and boating. Around the villages many kilometers stretch of pine and mixed forests with an abundance of berries and mushrooms.

75 Republic of Karelia Karelian settlement Zalesov 
Karabinsky Vadim 921-018290, 921-5202368 Alex Romanov, Andrei Pronin 921-0118490
Prionezhsky region. Former Veppskaya parish. Our village is located in the South Karelia. At 100 km from Petrozavodsk and 6 km from Lake Onega. From the main road in the settlement of 500 meters there is a lake small. Around the forest and beaver dams.

76 Kemerovo region refreshment "Siberian Cedar" 
Dranichnikov Nikolai DT 74-47-02, 89039465218,
Matyushinskaya Mane, Prokopyevsk district of the Kemerovo region., 1.5 km to the northwest from the village. Matyushino. The former arable land.

77 Kemerovo Oblast Accommodation in Sary-Chumysh 
Olga Timonina 8-906-976-56-54 In the south of the Kemerovo region on the border with Altai there is a village of Sary-Chumysh.

78 Kemerovo region Settlement "New Way" 
Dudkin Andrey 89039166167, Bedareva Raisa G. 89133314558, 89059175295 Dvoretskaya Olga
The village is located on the territory of the village council Kalachёvskogo Prokopyevsky district of the Kemerovo region, 20 km south-west from the city of Prokopyevsk and 38 km. from the city of Novokuznetsk.

79 Kemerovo region Settlement Burukhin
Olga 89069217733
The settlement is located on the site of the former village Burukhin. Land bogataya.Mesto picturesque and grace. Many berries and mushrooms.

80 Kemerovo region Settlement Itkara 
Emile Olga 89617255089 89511611892
Itkara settlement on the basis of the ancient village, located in the district of the Kemerovo region Yashkinsky. The village is situated on the banks of the Tom, which flows into creek Itkara. The village stands at the foot of mountains, divided into two parts - one part of growing pine forest, on the other cedar.

81 Kemerovo region Settlement spaciousness
Yuri 89059655797, Eugene and Julia 89516010383, 89132917803 Tatiana
Topkinsky area. We are located between the villages of Shishino, Barkhatovo and Lukoshkina. The nearest village Barkhatovo - 7 km. Our village occupies a land of former agricultural fields, abandoned about 15 years ago. They are now overgrown with birches, Osinki, sosёnkami, willows. Take drinking water from the springs. Nearby there is a small lake, dam.

82 Kemerovo region Settlement Springs 
Todorov Alexander 89,516,048,677 89,511,690,416 Anatoly
Belovo area

83 Kemerovo region Settlement Rodolese 
Mikhail 89134035084, 89516084661 Irina
Kemerovo region, 40 km from Kemerovo. To create a family estate, we have chosen a taiga glade near the village Berdovka. 

84 Kirov region  d. Ragoza and Porubovo
Claudia and Serge 89229383238 Irina and Sasha 89123739164, 89229373296, 89229344269 Afonasevsky district. Villages and Ragoza Porubovo and on adjacent lands collective formation of the settlement. Only 2 families with children (8 children). Constantly live in his estate a family.

85 Kirov region Settlement "Living Light"
Russia, Kirov region, Oparinsky District, Gorevka village.
The settlement is located 230 km. from Kirov to place empty villages. Constantly live for 8 families. Around remained completely abandoned, but tolerable, suitable for life at a small house repairs. Places quietest. Fish in rivers much as beasts in the forest.

86 Kirov region Settlement "Sweetheart Vedrussiya" Verkhnekamsky district

87 Settlement Kirov region "clean sources" 
Roman 8 (8332) 78-78-87 settlement in 30 km. from the city of Kirov. The total number of sites included in the settlement 78. At most sites are residential houses and buildings. In the village live 5 families year-round.

88 Kirov region Settlement "Ancestral Origins" 
Andrew 89,229,195,909 89,229,678,277 Radim
Located on a hill in the village Pizhansky District Burdin tansy along the river. In the village Burdin has running water, electricity, imported gas, mobile communications. The 2-km dirt road - the village. Obukhovo, where there is a shop, post office, school, village council, a medical center, operating the farm.

89 Kirov region Settlement Blagodatnoe 
Gerasimov Alexander 89127324062
The settlement was founded in 2001 in Arbazhsky area near the villages of Cat and Gorbunovschina on the bank of the Vyatka River. Category of land - the land settlements. Land settlement electrified, there are telephone.

90 Kirov region Settlement Embodiment 
With settlement there is a regular bus service from the bus №140 Kirov. The settlement consists of 30 sections. All year round in the settlement live 2 families. Free uchastski available.

91 Kirov region Settlement Domnintsy Chaliapin Love Settlement Village Domnintsy Soviet area. It consists of several families. There are free sites.

92 Kirov region Settlement Zavertnaya
Popenova Natalia established settlements in s.Zavertnaya Soviet district of the Kirov region. 4 family, land settlements. There are free sites.

93 Kirov region Settlement Ivantseva 
Ognev Anatoly 922 668 30 90, skype anatilic12345 Konstantin Glushkov settlement in 40 km from the White Kholunitsa near to. Ivantseva. The settlement is surrounded by three rivers. In the future, several large ponds 90 and 36 hectares will be built.

94 Kirov region Settlement Iz Prunchak 
Eugene Settlement "Iz" is located near the village of Iz Pizhansky District near Turusinovo Korovino and villages. At present, it consists of seven families. There are free sites.

95 Kirov region Settlement Izobilnoye 
Shamov Sergey 89189934034 Karmanova Julia Settlement "Bistrica" ​​was founded in 2009 in Kirovo-Chepetsk area between the children's health camp "Birch" and Markovshchina village. The total number of sites around 20. Available for about 7 sites. The places in which the settlement was established, it is very beautiful and clean.

96 Kirov region Settlement Kurt 
Nina 89177024668
Settlement Kurt is in the south of the Kirov region in Sanchursky District near the village Matvinur (20 km from Sanchursk towards Yaransk) and is located on both banks of the river Kurteyki. Surrounded by forests, forest belts and Scilla.

97 Kirov region Settlement Legkanur 
Volodya 89063366347, 89030501895 new settlement near d.Legkanur Sanchursk district of the Kirov region, 10 km. by Sanchursk and 40 km. from Yoshkar-Ola. There are free sites.

98 Kirov region Settlement Lysnyagi 
Levanov Sergey 89128217231 skype carver1970 new settlement in the former district d.Lysnyagi Sung. There are free sites. Earth settlements.

99 Kirov Oblast Otradnoye Settlement 
t. (8332) 46-00-66 Alexander Mishin Beresneva Larisa 23 km. from the city of Kirov in the boundaries of the village Ralnikovy (d.Ralniki) Pasegovskogo rural settlement Kirovo-Chepetsk district located PDP "Otradnoe". Land plots reclassified - land settlement. With settlement there is a regular bus service from the bus №140 Kirov.

100 Kirov region Settlement Petropavlovskoe 
Volkova Taya organizes settlement in with. Petropavlovsk Soviet district of the Kirov region.

101 Kirov region Settlement Rodasvet 
Snigirev Shilov 89229362551, Medvedev Lydia M. 89,628,933,940 (org. Questions),
The settlement near the village of Kirov-Chepetsk Mikheev area. There are already 7 years. two fields are located nearby at 50 hectares.

102 Kirov region Settlement Rodoslavnoe
T. (8332) 46-00-66 Established in 2005 near the intersection of roads and Swifts-Pasegovo Markovshchina-Pasegovo approximately 28 km. from Kirov. The total number of sites included in the settlement of the order of 130. Lots electrified.

103 Kirov region Settlement Tuzha 
Bagina Tina Settlement near grieve Tuzhinsky District. Earth settlements.

104 Kirov region Settlement Bumblebees 
Fedor Afanasievich 89127002923 Settlement "Bumblebee" is located among the forests and fields of the Oryol region, and is located on the site of the village Shmelevschina that five kilometers from the village Stepanovschina. The approximate size of the free area 200 Ga.Imeetsya own substation, supplied with electricity. The ravine flows a small river.

105 Kirov region Settlement Jana 
Zykov Vera 89229357707, skype verazykova9
Bastrakova Hope 89229346879
Organize d.Yany settlement in the Soviet area. 3 Living family. Earth settlements, there are places.

106 Kirov region Settlement Yasnovetie (Zyablets) 
Field 1 - Irina 89226651554, 89531365515, 89127126090 Tatiana, 89229753254, Field 2 - Tatyana 753 254, 89127126090, Natalia 456521, 89091405927 Settlement is located 26 km from the city near the village of Kirov. Zyabletsy. One field portions 15, 45 a second field plots. Dimensions plots are on average 1.5 hectares and can be registered in the property.

107 Kostroma Oblast Settlement Burtasova 
Kiselev Love (4942) 34-01-48, 34-29-81, 89159111191 Burkova Love 8-961-128-60-60.Tagiltsev Yuri 8-903-895-46-58
Sudislavsky District. Settlement Burtasova is located 6 km from the highway. Near the river Poksha, depth of 1-2 meters, the width of 3-4 meters. Fields surrounded by mushroom forest. We plan to buy more land and expand.

108 Kostroma Oblast Settlement Springs 
Ovchinnikov Nataliya 89109503482, Davydov Igor Borisovich (4942) 53-23-70, 89206490988, Kochetova Galina (4942) 34-09-60
Kostroma region, Kostroma. Around our fields and forest near the river. The fields are located under the bias that creates a very beautiful views. Up to 1 km route. Our staff of nearly ten years. Very friendly.

109 Krasnodar region Settlement "Living Spring"
Stepan 89034572149
Abinsky District. In our settlement waiting for their owners with land / x destination, both with ready / semi-finished houses, and very precarious. Permanently residing in the Republic of Poland 14

110 Krasnodar region Settlement "Tales of Power" 
Svetlana 89180376035 89189218283 Andrew
The settlement is situated in a cozy place in the foothills of the mountain range "Pshaf" (v.450m.47 vertices). Before Krasnodar 50 km to the town of Hot Key 30 km from the sea n Dzhubga -. 80 km. Around the forest is mainly deciduous oak, beech, hornbeam, elm, pine. Near mountain river Ilic from the factory, entwined tree roots and small waterfalls.

Settlement "Fairy Land"

111 Krasnodar settlement "Fairy Land" 
Mikhail 89530900125, 89094695530, 89094461946 Ivan, 89180710222
It located in the Seversky district of Krasnodar region. The place is beautiful, lots skirts the river on the other side of the mountain and the forest. There are also fruit-gardens and roadways year round road! Grigoryevskaya village nearby (about 1.5 km). Earth are made in the property.

112 Krasnodar region Settlement "Cozy on Vodogae" 
Sergei, Maria, Sergei 8918233208
The settlement is located 2 km from the village Novodmitrievskoy, Seversky District, Krasnodar Krai (25 km from Krasnodar, 8-9 km from the village of Kaluga). Find here a particularly fertile ground hard. Between meadows - dirt roads, the asphalt with the different fields from 0.5 to 1.5 km primer.

113 Krasnodar region Settlement Balabushki
Gosh 89898326143 (18:00 MSK)
Balabushki located in the Krasnodar Territory, Seversky district. We are surrounded by forest, a mountain river flows. Land there with ready documents is from the forthcoming document.

114 Krasnodar region Settlement Good Total 
89,615,245,970, Gedeon co-creator, Oris Sotvortsova
Anapa district. There are many springs nearby, the forest, next to a mud volcano with mud, from the sea, 30 km (about 40 minutes drive to the beach, Anapa). The land is made in the property.

115 Krasnodar region Settlement House Live
Natalia Call 89180103415 to 20.00
Seversky district. Central road inside poseleniya- asphalt (a dead-end, foreign vehicles do not travel). The nearest village - 1 km, Krasnodar - 40 km. The nearest school st.Grigorevskaya.

116 Krasnodar region Settlement Sensible
Seversky district, village Grigoryevskaya - 40km from Krasnodar, 70 km to the Black Sea. Type of land - agricultural land.
117 Krasnodar region Settlement Lyuboistok
 In the valley of the mountain river in Krasnodar Krai

118 Krasnodar region Settlement Makoshino 
Sorokopud Denis V. 89298426288
Seversky district. The area is very beautiful, the foothills around the forest with mushrooms (white mushrooms and many others) and berries (blackberries, strawberries). There are areas adjacent to the forest, flat areas, areas on the slopes with a beautiful view of land in one hectare and a half, two. Loamy soil that is great for creating a pond.

119 Krasnodar region Settlement Art. 
Gostagaevskaya 89186323226, 89288424200 Anapa district, Art. Gostagaevskaya. They found their place and settled on the outskirts of the village Gostagaevskaya, building a house. PDP Good 5 km. Up to 20 km Anapa. In light of the village and the road there, the gas is not everywhere.

120 Krasnodar region Sinegorye-Vedrussiya 
Krasnodar Territory, Seversky. By 2007, almost all the plots were distributed to the estate. Near the village is located Sinegorye: Azov, Ubinskaya, Derbent, urban Ilsky village. From the family estate to Il'sky 10-15 minute walk to the Azov 15-20 minutes

121 Krasnoyarsk Territory Settlement Dobrosvet 
Roman 89130443131
Emelyanovsky area 55 km from Krasnoyarsk. In 2004, it decided to establish a settlement on the site of the holiday village forty kilometers from Emelyanovo, lands which were largely abandoned.

122 Krasnoyarsk Territory Settlement Radiant «Radiant" in the village. Antonovka. Antonovka village to the west of Krasnoyarsk on the highway "Baikal" in the direction of Achinsk and Novosibirsk. Distance to her 85 km along the highway and 2 km away from the path. Big River Ibrul flows below the village. The depth of the groundwater 80 meters.

123 Krasnoyarsk Territory Settlement Sunflowers
Pershin, Alexander and Elena: 89607636933, 89607590515,
Abansky District. From Habana 15 km. This former village Klimovichi. There are residents who can take yourself or a common home open to guests. The road to a good settlement.

124 Krasnoyarsk Territory Settlement Rainbow
Galina 89535805723, 89233452552 Alexandra and Roman
Organized on the basis of the village Alekseevka. Currently overwinter 4 family. There are a lot of vacant space and houses that can be recovered and used as a temporary shelter. From the city of Krasnoyarsk 210 km asphalt road to the village Aginskoye, 20 km dirt road to the village of Alekseyevka.

125 Krasnoyarsk Territory Settlement Sarap
Prokopiev Paul 89135340167, Lubov 89082115984, 89048938907 Oksana Tract Sarap based on land abandoned cottages

126 Krasnoyarsk Territory Settlement Cheremshanka 
Rybinsk district. The village is hidden on three sides by mountain slopes, stream flows through the village Blasting, around the village a lot of springs, 3 km. To the north runs a large river Kan. Across the river Kan Cedars grow. In the village near a house of cedar grow two that are already yielding fruit.

127 Crimea Republic Settlement Krasnolesye 
Mikola Petrovich 89,788,701,757, 050 208 68 86 Inna pocket 89788840564, 89788984872 Ostromir Crimea, 25 km from Simferopol. Meetings are held in the settlement of the first Sunday of each month at 11:00 am Pre-call.

128 Crimea Republic Settlement Radiant 
Crimea Dzhankoy district, 3 km from the s.Yarkoe and s.Slavyanka, conditions and Pasha Light 0985977260, 0951736287, 0671855850 Kobenko Sasha, Tanya and Ivan Korshunov 0663597677
Dzhankoysky region between the villages Bright, Slavyanka and Vishnyakovka (to the village 3 km.) Land -. Fertile black earth. Animals as shrews, hares, foxes, lizards, steppe vipers and timid partridges. There ditch overgrown with reeds, which flows towards Mirnovka village.

129 Crimea Republic Pavel Shcherbakov Settlement Light 
80962264217, 80508088055, 80982405747 Olga Shapovalova, 80662702978, Konstantin Ermolaev 80676505669.
Our village is located in between the road with. Krasnolesye and dear to the PT "Marmara", the Marble cave. "Marmara" Near the lake. Inside the ground of the road, in some places gravel. According to the settlement of the road marked. The plans do not have asphalt, crushed stone-otsevnye we assume.

130 Republic of Crimea Solar Settlement Ilya 
89787305626 Sergey Kuzyunin 89787185764 skype: BlagoDaryu777, viber: BlagoDaryu, Alexander Kucher and Marina 89,788,929,628 (9)
In Crimea, the settlement of patrimonial estates created in Bakhchisarai area "Solar". Around the mountain, four lakes, mild warm climate, near the cities of Sevastopol, Bakhchisarai, Simferopol, Yalta.

131 Kurgan Oblast Sergey Settlement Springs 
Kurgan Oblast, Yurgamyshsky District, 500 m. From the village Yelizavetinka. According to our land flowing pure spring river "Yurgamysh" and three lakes. Beautiful natural lanshaft: mountains, meadows and forests. Near relic forest "Elizabethan Bor".

132 Kursk Oblast Settlement Cherry 
8-920-704-04-73, 8-910-218-80-04
Zolotukhinsky district, 22 km to the north on the highway Kursk Kursk-Ponyri between d.Tazovo and d.Dolgoe Zolotukhinsky District of Kursk region of the river Tuskar. Near the forest, Tuskar River, from the highway Kursk-Ponyri - 1.5 km on the dirt road.

133 Kursk Oblast Settlement Beauty 
Puzankov Sergey 89107310290, 89036338872, 84712310290 ICQ 396-234-979, skype REALTY4YOU; Sergei Abramov Ye 89038718131; Balanin Natalia A. 89102773770;
Zolotukhinsky district. The land is privately owned and the general share. There is a process of transferring land into the category of "settlement lands" with the permitted use "dacha farming, gardening and horticulture." At 5 kilometers from our fields is the main attraction of the Kursk Root Hermitage area.

134 Settlement Leningrad Oblast Radiant 
Sergey 89119174457 Elena 8911-132-13-19
The settlement is in Volosovo Leningrad region, Luga district border, 120 km south-west of St. Petersburg. Drainage ditches with water, even in severe drought. The soil is different, there is almost pure sand at once, there is loam, peat there.

135 Leningrad Region settlement Blooming Garden
Tomilov Alexander 89095862185, Abbyasov Vladimir 89215578290, 89211871628. Machekhin Maria How to get your free transport Tomp Pauline 89312265952
The settlement is in the Luga district, Leningrad region, on the border of Pskov and Novgorod regions. Distance from Saint Petersburg 160 km (on the Kiev highway). The terrain is flat with us, with ravines, through which flows the river and creek. In places close to the surface of the ground water. There is a spring. On the border of fields, small picturesque creek flows Kuks. (Ex. Light Dew)

136 Settlement Leningrad Oblast Clear
Eduard, Natalia is located 120 km from St. Petersburg near the village of Meadows. In "the Clear" peat soil. Heating "the Clear" furnace. The water in the well is dialed. Gardening in "the Clear" is based on the special rules - residents are learning new ways of cultivation of the land. An example of this - the so-called "warm bed"

137 Lipetsk Oblast Settlement Zapolyane 
Golev Sergey 89205074108 Dankovsky District, Bigildin village council, p. Zapolyansky. The first part of the settlement 52 ancestral estates transferred to settlements category. permitted use private farming. You can officially be built. The settlement is located 3.0 km from the main road along the Don. Panic is a small river flowing next to the settlement.

138 Lipetsk Oblast Settlement 
D. Marino Marino, there is no free land.
Zadonsk district. Clean place, surrounded by ravines, there are woods nearby, of which visited by moose, roe deer, wild boars. Quail, owls, herons and partridges live in the neighborhood. In May, the district is filled nightingale trills.

Settlement Radonezh (Vinogradovka)

139 Lipetsk Oblast Settlement Privorgole 
Viktor tel. in Moscow (095) 124-36-20
Stanovlyansky district,. Grunin Vorgol, d. Laukhin. The nearest village is four kilometers away.

140 Lipetsk Oblast Settlement 
Radonezh (Vinogradovka) Letyagina 89268180888 Alla (Moscow), Sergei Zubarёv 89,205,010,856 (sites), Anna and Dmitri 89,204,689,783 (Voronezh), Dmitry Trunov 89,107,388,735 (Voronezh), Afanassenko Alexander 89202499279
Located on the border of the Lipetsk and Tambov regions, on the banks of the river Matyra. The nearest town of Dirt 18 km to the nearest village and train station - 7 km, the closest little farm 3 km away from us. Before Lipetsk 30 km. We have a forest, river, black earth, many springs and streams. It grows all up to the watermelon and grapes.

141 Lipetsk Oblast Accommodation Rzhavets 
Alexander 89616002419; Skype al.glad, Hope 89058555151, Tsilke Alexander and Valentina 89051798696, 89056881947
Rzhavets - village rural settlement "Rogozhinsky Village Council", Zadonsk district of Lipetsk region. Founded in the 1620s. Located in a green Zadonsk district of Lipetsk region in a beautiful green valley. 11 kilometers from the Don River. There is a unique pond which is itself a huge springs and does not freeze in winter.

142 Lipetsk Oblast Cheryomushki settlement Krapivin 
Paul V. 89036995880, 89056862506 Krapivina Anna Igorevna, Alena V. Kolesnikova 89155501550 skype awilnar12,
Lipetsk region, Lipetsk region, Stebaevsky village council, the village of Cheryomushki. Cheryomushki settlement adjacent to the village of Cheryomushki. From the south to the settlement has a small forest in the south-west a small pond to a large pond for 5-7 minutes on foot. Before Don River 10 km. Type of land - the land settlements

143 Mari El republic settlement "Lesnaya Polyana" 
Shashurovoy Eugenia 8-9050-24-68-92,
The Republic of Mari El, Zvenigovsky District (about 90 km from Kazan). The settlement is part of the rural settlement Ismenetskogo. Mari El - this is a real forest country with unspoiled corners of the taiga nature, clean lakes and rivers, preserved plant and animal diversity.

144 Mordovia republic settlement "New World" 
Stas 89272755301, 89376737719 Alexei
Our village is located near the semi-abandoned d. Independence. With three sides surrounded by forest, mostly deciduous. In the forest and in the district are found wild boars, foxes, deer, moose, hares. Forests around the "green zone" and then completely banned hunting. Next to the settlement there is an abandoned forest garden.

145 The Moscow region Settlement Vassilyevskoe 
Olga 89153763660, creates a new settlement. Located in Sergiev Posad district of Moscow region. Good access to the fields, hard surface. Type of land - farm, type of permitted use - "agricultural production"

146 The Moscow region Settlement Great 
Sergey 89166160745 Moscow region, Sergiev Posad district. By the settlement is suitable concrete road to all parts - ground. Next spring. conducting electricity is planned. The nearest village Yakovlevo 3 km to 20 km Sergiyev Posad, Moscow 70 km, the closest platform "76 km" 16 km.

147 The Moscow region Settlement Radiant 
Anya 89165210830, 89161564464 Sergei, Yevgeny 89153510511, 89689608869 Mikhail, Svetlana 89262001198
In the Moscow region, 85 km from the Moscow Ring Road, near the town of Klin, 9 km from g.Vysokovska, just outside the village Trinity. There are wells in the homes furnace heating and autonomous electricity (solar panels). The settlement has a total Polyana.

148 The Moscow region Settlement Mirodole 
General Saveliev Konstantin 89262225892, Simbirkin Denis Petrovich 89031121106, 89160898841 Throat Oleg, Alexander Boris 89032476975
Located in Sergiev Posad district of Moscow region, a few kilometers from the village Vaskovo. Nature around the settlement is very diverse and beautiful. The place is beautiful, hilly, field slopes. Around mixed forest - tree, birch, aspen, but the little pines. In the woods and fields are found squirrels, elk, foxes, wild boars, hares.

149 The Moscow region Settlement Light 
Olga 89037654528 Settlement is located in Sergiev Posad district near the village Shubin, about 70 km from Moscow to Yaroslavl highway. The team is fully formed

150 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement "Golden Granary" 
Basil 89290423899, 89503433778, 89200172242 Settlement "Golden Granary" on the border Bogorodsky and Sosnowski areas. Distance from H-Novgorod, 43 km. The road from Bogorodsk on Klyuchische 18 km. path.

151 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement "Spring Forest" 
Roman 89040536687, 89202549969 Sergey
Nizhny Novgorod region, Ardatov district. Earth - a field near the village Karmaleyka Ardatov district of Nizhny Novgorod region. The land area - about 100 hectares.

152 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement "clean sources" 
89503479195, Prince Oleg t. 89081680785, Skype oleg_knyazev12
Nizhny Novgorod region, Arzamas d. Marevka. Land being developed since 2006. From PDP center: 2 km. to ASF. road. 2km. to the drinking water. 7 km. - The nearest school. 20 km. to Arzamas. The soil is loam and supeschanik. There is a general trailer - year.

153 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement Borskoye 
Svetlana 89307161978
Nizhny Novgorod region, Bor. 15 km from the center of the village Bor.Mezhdu Shehonka and d.Selischi. The name "Bor" has received in relation to the proximity of the city of Bor. Year start promoting the idea to implement the family estate in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Bor District began in 2009.

154 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement Gradislav 
89200560188 Our village was formed in 2003. The day of the official accession to the village: July 18, 2008, the first residents appeared in 2008. A total of 88 settlement areas. Hibernate and permanent residents 20 semey.God foundation: 2002.

155 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement Chart 
89026884601 Nizhny Novgorod region, Pochinok district. Route F-158, Nizhny Novgorod, Saratov Sarankov. 40 km from Saransk, 40 km from the district center Pochinki. Rotate with. Zhuravlikha, then d. Kamenka. Earth has already issued. Rudnya river, pond, spring.

156 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement Kalinovets 
Tel .: 89648337655, 89601740052
Skype: kalinovecc site:
Nizhny Novgorod region, Vorotynsky area. Place in the village is 10 km from the confluence of the Volga and Sura. The distance to the city of Nizhny Novgorod - 170 km and to the city of Cheboksary - 100 km. The total area of ​​the settlement area - 282 hectares. The place is very beautiful, mushroom and berry. Springs and streams flowing into the ravines, are pure water.

157 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement Kolyvanova 
Olga 89200105611 Roman 89056682706 e-mail:
Our village is located in an ecologically clean Gorodetsky district of Nizhny Novgorod region between the villages and Koposova Kolyvanova. Up river from Uzola Koposova about 800 meters from the Kolyvanova about 2 km. The place is very nice, quiet, calm and cozy. Around the settlement of mixed forests, a lot of berries and mushrooms, as well as many fontanelles and key with the purest water!

158 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement dawn 
Ilya 89503780265, 89307028454 Elena, Olga 89200693338 Nizhny Novgorod region, Resurrection district. Settlement in Vetluga beautiful river. In the settlement of dirt roads to the village Karasiha asphalt, no electricity. School of 10km, in the village Astashiha children carries bus.

159 Nizhny Novgorod region Solar Settlement 
Viktor 89601768160, 89043961749 Andrew, Nina 89601996832, 89049035407 Kostya and Nina 89030605372,
Bolshemurashkinsky district, between the villages of Krashovo, Burnykovka and reds. The nearest school is in the village Kishkin 3 km. E st springs with drinking water in the territory of the settlement.

160 Nizhny Novgorod region Settlement Berry 
Olga 89040583743 Nizhny Novgorod region, Pavlovsky. The nearest village 1.5 km. Near the lake, beautiful place, lots of mushrooms and berries. Not far from our settlement two other settlements are located.

161 Novgorod Oblast Settlement Revival 
89116274866 http: //vozrozhdenie-rusi.rf/ Our village is located in the Novgorod region, Shimskaya district, near the village skirts...

162 Novgorod Oblast Settlement Solar 
Alena 89315114811 organize new light Solar settlement of the family estate in the neighborhood Pestovo Novgorod Region. Here luxury unspoiled places: lakes, rivers, forests, pine forests! From Novgorod by bus or shuttle. From St. Petersburg direct train.

163 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement "own land" 
Valery 89133922250
Around the village Naletiha, Leninsk - Kuznetsky direction (65 km from the city). From route 6 km, good road, electricity nearby (2 km).

164 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement Atrika 
Sergey 89232454757, 89137926769 Paul, Yuri 89231140824, Atrika settlement founded in 2014 by a group of young family of entrepreneurs in order to create a convenient and comfortable place to live for their families. It is located 40 kilometers from the center of Novosibirsk on the Leninist-Kuznetsk track.

165 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement Belogurov 
Volodya and Arina 83834954248, 89231208396 Skype skritik33 Novosibirsk region, Bolotninsky District, village Kruglikovo. The settlement is located between forests and rivers Ob and X's on the lands of the former collective farm. Settlement is 15 min. walk from the village, where there is a school, 2 shops, a post office, a club, a playground, a shuttle bus to the nearest town.

166 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement thank
Belokon Angelica Rinatovna 89137513346
Novosibirsk region, Iskitim area. Number of plots estates - 120. Estimated number of households settlement 80-100.Na currently a little more than 20 families who equip their estates. Nearest town:. Morozovo village - 2km, Iskitim - 30 km, Novosibirsk (Akademgorodok) - 15 km, Novosibirsk (center) - 40 km...

167 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement seeds 
Blagodatnoe Anna Popova, bees Popov Valera, Eggs: Pystina Eugene, Websites: Ivan Voronin, webmaster @ blagodatnoe.
Settlement "Beneficial" is in Orda region of Novosibirsk region, 115 km of the route Novosibirsk-Kamen-na-Obi on the shore of the Ob reservoir. From the track to the settlement of a dirt road 2 km long. Beneficial created in 2003

168 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement Zhivitsa 
Kotov Valery 89231785588
Settlement "Turpentine" is in Toguchinsky District, 65 km. from the city of Novosibirsk in Leninsk Kuznetsky direction, near the village of Naletiha.

169 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement Ladamir 
Constantine 8-923-224-77-36
Settlement ancestral homes "Ladamir", located 35 km. from the city of Novosibirsk, close to the village Plotnikovo. The area we have a picturesque, hilly, mixed forest around with berry and mushroom glades. 2 km from the river Inya us.

170 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement Radiant
Pavel Konstantinov 89232429262
Novosibirsk region, Iskitim. At the bend of the river Berd forty kilometers south of Novosibirsk lies the settlement of Radiant family estate.

171 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement Medunitsa 
8-913-792-66-18 Sergey Zakharov, Mokrousov Roman 89537689768, 8913453470 Vorsina Lyudmila,
Novosibirsk region, Moszkowski district, 4 km from the village. Old Poros. Our Medunitsa settlement is surrounded by mixed forest. Near the forest there are cedar, but the young cedars - their 30-40 years. On the way to the settlement there is a fabulous fir. 1 km from the village have cranberry bog.

172 Novosibirsk Oblast Settlement Tale 
Kusova Olesya 89537908606, Vologdin Anton 89607981252, Kostritsky Pavel, Alena Sergeeva Settlement Tale organized in 2009 as an agricultural cooperative. Located settlement between Novosibirsk and Leninsk-Kuznetsky, about 115 km from Novosibirsk, in the foothills of Salair Ridge.

173 Omsk Oblast Settlement "Malinkin, Kolobov" 
Dizer Ivan 89136716678
Muromtsevsky District of the Omsk region. Distance from city 250km. Kolobov 16 people (9 person hibernate) Malinkin 6 people.

174 Omsk Oblast Settlement Beshmetovka 
Olga Sokolova 89045865100, 89659746522 Alexander Brozek
Tarski district of the Omsk region. Distance from city 350km. Collective settlement 10 families, 15 people.

175 Omsk Oblast Settlement Revival 
Vorozhischev Andrei 89043249359
The settlement is in Sargatsky District, Omsk region. Distance from the town 70 km.

176 Omsk Oblast Settlement Voskresenka 
Miroshnikov Roman 89139706916
Nizhneomsky District of the Omsk region. Distance from city 120km. 4 Number of people, families wintering 2. Number 1 family.

177 Omsk region Alexander Stepanov Settlement Imbiren 
89,503,381,997 (Chernoozere) Sargatsky District of the Omsk region, near the village of Chernoozere. The distance from the city 140 km. Status: under construction. Since 2002. Plots have the size of 1 hectare - in the form of a honeycomb. The total settlement area of ​​about 250 hectares, is composed of 45 estates. It is planned to increase to 150-250 estates.

178 Omsk Oblast Settlement Cedar 
Samuel 79143918205,
Omsk region, district Tara, on the basis of the abandoned village of Cixi. Around the abandoned village - cedar taiga, a lot of the fontanelles. Roads have electricity - is. Abandoned houses suitable for temporary housing - is.

179 Omsk Oblast Settlement Oberezhnoe 
Sergei Korolev 89620574110
Stanislav Polyakov (living permanently) 89620342671 Omsk region, Gorky. Created by non-profit partnership. We make land 70 km. from Omsk. Nearest towns the October - 7 km, Dubrovka - 1.5 km. Up to 10 km of the Irtysh. Welcome.

180 Orenburg region Settlement "Russian Kancherovo"
bodies. Ira: 89228832261 ICQ: 368810080.
 Svetlana: (343) 325-37-83, 89502030854
On the basis of the village "Russian Kancherovo" - is between Orenburg and Orsk

181 Orenburg region Settlement Natural 
Svetlana, Sergey 89058157674, Eugene, Eugene 89878592749, 89198609752 Tatiana, Lirida, Ildar 89198518178 "Natural" - settlement of the family estate, created in the Orenburg region. Located in one of the environmentally friendly and beautiful areas of the Orenburg region, 150 km from the city of Orenburg, in Tyulgansky District, near the village of ore.

182 Orenburg region Settlement Birthmark 
Krasnov Tatiana 96-95-14, Luba: 99-07-75, Dmitry ICQ 150-183-881, Metalnikov Dmitry ICQ 378-740-720
The field is selected in protected areas surrounded by virgin forest.

183 Oryol Oblast Settlement rich
The settlement is created on the basis of the village Ageevka Oryol region Orel region, 25 km from the town of Eagle, 5 km from the highway Moscow-Belgorod. Here, in a dying village, in July 2005, we moved from the town of Noyabrsk of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District of the founders of the settlement - family Nikishin. And the street was named officially - "the rich."

184 Oryol Oblast settlement Mesopotamia Tatiana 89261238525, 89624751177 Orel region, Mtsensk District. The settlement Mesopotamia was formed in 2008. Inspired by people looking for land to build settlements ancestral homes and found her in the Orel region, 20 km from the town of Mtsensk, 350 km from Moscow, Warsaw highway.

185 Oryol Oblast Settlement Raduzhe Gennady 8 (4862) 47-16-63, 89606507080 Settlement "Raduzhe" was founded in 2001. Orel region, Oryol region, Saburovskaya c / a, d. Ageevka. Total (prospective) settlement area of ​​approximately 3000 hectares. Geographically, it is located in a southerly direction (Kursk, Belgorod) at a distance from the town 35 km and 4-5 km (on foot) from the route Moscow-Crimea.

186 Penza Oblast Settlement RusiYar 8 (8412) 22-93-83
8 (937) 415-12-23
Penza region, Luninsky RN settlement Lomovka. The settlement united readers of books VN Megre "Ringing Cedars of Russia"

187 Penza Oblast Settlement Solar Karpushkin Vladimir 89270997334 Asya - 259604818 Create settlement "Solar" Penza region began with the unification of readers of the books series "Ringing Cedars of Russia" in the social organization, which has leased two fields total about 300 hectares in 2004, 30 km from town near the villages Lyubyatino Zagoskino.Nas and already 30 families, 4 winter home

188 Penza region Yury Ageev Settlement Miracle 89093165183 Settlement is located 60 km from the city of Penza. At 30 km from Mokshan. 1.5 km from the village. Belikov. 6 km from the village. Yulova. The settlement is located between the villages. Road adjacent to the settlement - the asphalt.

189 Perm Territory Settlement "PRO LIGHT"
Dmitry 89028361444
It is located 107 km. from Perm, Kungur district, 2.5 km from the road Field road Perm-Ekaterinburg. Goldyrevsky nearest village (4 km).

190 Perm Territory Settlement "Rainbow Resorts» Schukin A. Rose 89091059021, 89024792525 Eugene, Alexander 89197028372
The settlement was founded in 2006. The settlement is situated 80 km from the city of Perm and 5 km from the nearest village Sparrows. our favorite Rechenka breakage occurs in the settlement. Next to the settlement there is a beautiful holy spring - a spring.

191 Perm Territory Settlement "Native origins"
Alexey Vasiliev 89048452936, DT (34265) 92-501
Location: Dobriansky district, 100 km from Perm, Peremskoe rural village, the former village Kalistovo, near der.Tabory.

192 Perm Territory Settlement "Rod RYSICHI" 89194528554 ready to accept wishing to settle there.

193 Perm Territory Settlement "Light springs" (342) 237 39 50, mob. 8-952 657 0004 - Suchenkova Larissa
Vladimirovna, mob. 8-902 636 4225 - Karasov Andrey Viktorovich Former village Upper Palniki, about 65 km from the city of Perm, in the direction of Osu, Burma by locality

194 Perm Territory Settlement "Sun Valley» Settlement is located 60 km from Perm, 4 km from the South-Kama. The land is framed by 45 plots measuring 1.2 ga.Do village - asphalt road in the village - a dirt, paved CBC. Electricity is. Kama River, 7 km from the village. Next spring.

Okay Settlement

195 Perm Territory Settlement "Tract Podgorin" Bukin Maria 89129887049, 89194562447 Alexander, Natalia 89028390812,
Tract Podgorin is 30 km from Krasnokamsk (direction Severokamsk through New-Ivanovka, Bragino to Abatur (gardens) to the left to Abakshat without going to turn to the right and on the lapel Podgorin).

196 Perm Territory Settlement grateful Elena 89641960125, 89091030602 Dmitry settlement is 44 km away. from Perm in the direction of Ust-Kachka, near the village Olkhovka. In the 30-minute drive from the city center

197 Perm Territory Settlement Grace Morin 89091072110 Elena, Svetlana 89082440493, 89028081437 Tatiana Settlement is located on the fields adjacent to the village Kosogor
198 Perm Krai Bogorodskoye Settlement Kiselyovs: Eugene 89048447857, 89504616111 Luba
The place we found in Ilyinsky district of the Perm region near the village of Bogorodskoye.

199 Perm Territory Settlement Upper Palniki Suchenkova Larisa (342) 237 39 50, 89526570004, Karasev Andrew V. 8-902-636-4225 Perm district, a former top Palniki, 65 km from the city of Perm, in the direction of Osu, through locality Burma.

200 Perm Territory Settlement Revival Vdovin Paul (342) 233-11-21. Oleg Sannikov (342) 255-80-92 Almost in Perm (30 km) in a beautiful location (upper r.Gayvy) on Nizovtsev former village land near the train / railway station Kuria

201 Perm Territory Settlement Zaborje Marina 2 25 26 15, 89082716227 Vyacheslav, 2 71 62 27 150 km from the city of Perm. Move the power line, year-round entrance, r.Sylva lake. Earth can buy or rent long-term lease. Already taken 6 plots to 1 ha. Road and electricity are available.

202 Perm Krai Sergey Settlement Okay 89028081602, 89223513434 Tatiana, Perm Krai, Ocher District, Novovoznesenskoe cn ,, village. Shepherds. Prior to the settlement there is quite a good way. We have on our 500 hectares grows about 7,000 young cedars.

203 Perm Territory Settlement Ladoleya Semen Cherepanov 89226435205 Settlement is located in the tract "Cherepanovsky fixes," Peter and Paul

204 Perm Territory Settlement Honey Alexander 89194562447, 89129887049 Maria, Alain etc. 8- (34-273) -4-76-17 Natalia 89028390812
It was organized in 2003. Our estates are located in a very beautiful place, it is the south and south-western slopes of the mountains. From the north to the top of the mountain mixed wood: pine, spruce, birch, Osinki - protected from the wind. At the bottom of the settlement flows a small rivulet pure black, said in her usual fish grayling.

205 Perm Territory Settlement Radomir Paradise 89523207382; Nina 89223195496; Kate 89027981882 Radomir - so we called our settlement. Our fields are located near the village Makarikha. To execute documents on the ground of farmland - 14 ha in March 2005

206 Perm Territory Settlement Springs Morunov Sergey 89028386921, Speranskaya Tatiana etc. 8 (34241) 4-16-15, 89194676130, Sharaev Vladimir 89028386974;
The area of ​​the settlement: 108.4 hectares. Number of houses built on plots 5 houses, one unfinished frame, 3 baths, 2 awning - pergolas, 1 well. Wintering yet.

207 Perm Territory Settlement Happy Mariev Julia 89223270773, 89523166889 The hotel is located in the Perm District (on the border with Kungursk p-region). Near the settlement of Bessonovskoy cordon.

208 Perm Territory Settlement Chudogore Miroslav 79,523,201,768 79,519,474,852 Zinaida
Settlement Chudogore located on the territory of the village Romaniha situated on the banks of the Vishera river, 17 km from g.Krasnovisherska. This unique location combines a beautiful river, mixed forests and the Ural Mountains.

209 Perm Region Farm "Winter" Shilov Nikolai 89197024354 Ocher district. It has the status of municipality Farm Winter.

210 Primor Settlement Rosinka 89680579385
Primorsky Krai, Paotizansky. The space between the rivers M. Cheremuhovo, Kirilovka, Litovka, Sr.Litovka r.Litovka that flow into and through the km.13 flow into the Gulf of the East, the Sea of ​​Japan and the Pacific Ocean below.

211 Primor Settlement Eugene poplar 89020770525
Primorsky Krai, Chuguev. It so happened that at the same time a settlement is made up of ancestral homes and farms. The nearest town - the village clear. 4 km, town Chuguevka (Paradise. Center) 80 km. The nearest city - Arsenyev - 150 km.

212 Pskov region Settlement "Bright Land" Blinova Natalia 89119683881, 89215094655 Anna Karpova
Pskov region, Novorzhevsky

213 Pskov region Settlement "Clean Sky" Igor 89113705867, 89116987060, Vladimir, Settlement is located on the coastal zone of Lake Big Olbito, 4 km from Sebezh National Park. The terrain is hilly, covered with forests of different age and composition, many lakes. The soils are sandy or loam; groundwater near drought is not terrible. The settlement covers an area of ​​5 extinct villages; have abandoned gardens.

214 Pskov region Settlement Deneuve Stanislav Litvinov 89213377967, 89219606037 Dmitri Gorski
newspaper Pskov region, Loknya. Our settlement for over 10 years! Living more than 40 families. The guys all cheerful, friendly, open, talented, outgoing.

215 Pskov region Settlement Dublinkovo ​​Ivan 89211197917, 89319009811 Katerina, Anna 89212145974
Pskov region, Novorzhevsky District. Settlement of patrimonial estates located in the township Vehnyanskoy Novorzhevsky District of the Pskov region near Kanashovka villages Ustinovo, Dublinkovo ​​(20 km from Pushkin Mountains). Nearby forest. Nearby there is a river and several lakes, the soil - light and heavy loams.

216 Pskov region Settlement Sutoki Yuri 89,532,468,396 89,055,028,659 Natalia
Pskov region, Sebezh county, village Gritkovo

217 Pskov region Settlement Kholomki Dmitry and Anna 8911-37O-O1-99, Jeanne 8911-355-4I-44
Pskov region, Porkhov. Our village is located in a very beautiful place. Forests are harmoniously combined with the fields. The terrain is hilly. Near the river Shelon, which is convenient to bathe. Around - apple orchards. Places rich in mushrooms and berries.

218 Rostov region Settlement Blagodatnoe Valentine: 8-928-907-83-31, 89064169839
Irina: Rostov region, 30 km from the town of Volgodonsk

219 Rostov region Settlement Vostok Dubinichev Igor 89281608260 Settlement in the Ust-Donetsk district of Rostov region. 35 km from the city of Mines, and 98 km from the city of Rostov-on-Don.

220 Rostov region Rostock Settlement Elena 89094284022
Rostov region, Belaya Kalitva

221 Rostov region Stanitsa Solar 89287511290 Saulidi Natalia, Natalia A. Mikhailov 89185458863 e-mail:
Rostov region, Kamensky district, near Yar h.Krasny

Settlement Dobrosvet

222 Ryazan Oblast Settlement "Esenin Sloboda" Dmitry 89857678407, 89161667186 Natalia Settlement ancestral homes "Esenin settlement" is in the area of ​​the Ryazan region Rybnovsky between with. Romantsevo and forth. Golenkino. Our settlement is situated not far from the home of the great Russian poet Sergei Yesenin and therefore called Esenin settlement.

223 Ryazan Oblast Settlement Strawberry Fields Elena 89,169,056,569 89,262,113,425 Anastasia
Ryazan region, Rybnovskij. 180 km from Moscow near the village of Komsomolsk. Our settlement is still young, there is a possibility to choose their land. Prior to field a paved road leading from the village of Komsomolsk. Nearest big city Silver Ponds (about 25 km) and Zaraysk (Moscow Region. 35 km).

224 Ryazan Oblast Settlement Cedar Horn - news page - group Vkontakte - artist of folklore ensemble "Zorenka"
Ryazan region, Ryazan rayon.Byvshee Garmoniya- has existed for over 10 years. Located along the shores of an artificial lake. Near settlements "Belotsvet", "Towers."

225 Ryazan Oblast Settlement Sergey Lagoda 89857740268, Alexei 89036671786
Ryazan region, Rybnovskij. The settlement has good connections to Ryazan 30 minutes. With that, to the settlement of suitable local highway with good asphalt coating - a quiet, sparsely populated and quiet area. In this area, a large number of bodies of water: the river Vozha River, more than a dozen large ponds. A huge number of berries: strawberries, rosehips, raspberry, strawberry field; mushrooms: white to milk mushrooms.

226 Ryazan region Vyacheslav Settlement Rainbow 89169476928 Maxim -89629942164 http: //raduzhnoe.rf/
Ryazan region, Rybnovskij. 140 hectares of beautiful hilly fields, surrounded by birch forest belts and ravines with streams and impenetrable thickets. One side of the settlements adjacent to the asphalt road, along which the power line and gas.

227 Ryazan Oblast Settlement Towers Gorokhov Yuriy 89105628470 Ryazan region, Starozhilovo, 14 km from the city of Ryazan, near the village of Dedyukhin, away from industrial areas, railways, major highways.

228 Samara Oblast Settlement "Kuzminovskaya Sloboda" Vladimir, Julia 89270177847
Samara region, shentalinsky district. Settlement "Kuzminovskaya settlement" is 200 km from the city of Samara, 12 km from the district center. Shentala, 7 km to the nearest village where there is a school, FAP, kindergarten, shops, library, post office, club.

229 Samara Oblast Settlement Dubravushka 49-27-90 (cell.); 8-9171335070 (cell.); 01/21/64 (home.) Http://
Organized in the Stavropol region of the Samara region (between the villages "Eremkina" and "Red Dubrava"), located 40 km from Togliatti. The settlement is located in a hollow surrounded by forest in the north, northeast and east side.

230 Samara Oblast Settlement Linden Grove Olga 89277502912, 89277525213 Sergei, Yevgeny 89277440339
In the Samara region to build settlements Linden Grove (near the former village of the same name). 100 km to Samara, 40 km to the Kinel, 15 km to the Khilkov, 5 km to the Alexandrovka

231 Settlement Rodolad Samara region, Vladimir (8482) 41-50-61, 89277713802, Catherine (8482) 66-45-79, Eugene (8482) 28-20-43, 89171272867, Tamara (8482) 33-87-62, Maxim 89277941884, Vladimir, Dmitry Settlement "Rodolad" is in the Samara region in Stavropol region between the villages and Sevryukaevo Lbische. It is about 55 km from the city center of Togliatti and 130 km from Samara city center. Area 440ga settlement. Agricultural land.

232 Samara region Solar Settlement For all questions: 8 (8482) 63-14-02 Mail
Ovchinnikov Oleg G. Acres. 89272682999 E-mail:
Temples Alexander + 7-960-844-93-92
It is located in the Samara region, Stavropol region, 60 km from Tolyatti city and 100 km from the city of Samara. He lives constantly - 5 Total - 220 plots.

233 Saratov region Settlement Aritz 89271212109 the Saratov land in a beautiful location on the basis of 300-year-old village, on the banks of the Volga River. Around the village there is land suitable for this purpose. The village on the banks of the Volga River, in Khvalynsk district, 200 km from Saratov, the place is very picturesque, beautiful, springs, rear Khvalynsky Reserve 24,000 hectares. The village with gas and light, there are close to a ski resort.

234 Saratov region Settlement Vedrussiya
Borodin Vladimir mobile telephone. 892762514-09, dom.8 (452) 36-18-92, skype: Ladomirbor,, Vlasenko Irina S. 89270560056, home. 8 (452) 629-129,, Slesarenko Sergey cells. 89053258099
Our village is called "Vedrussiya" is in Tatishevsky District, on the border with the district Atkarskaya Mr. Saratov region., 60 km from the city of Saratov. He reaches a settlement along the picturesque ravine of 6 km.
The ravine beat springs, merging into the stream, which flows into the tributary of the river Big Kolyshley.

235 Saratov region/ Eugene Shatygin settlement Dubrava (village Melovoye) 89279160551
Settlement "Dubrava" is located in the southern Saratov region, in Krasnoarmeysk district, about 4 km from the village Melovoye. Melovoye is 6 km from the highway Saratov-Volgograd, near the border with the Volgograd region. The total area of ​​364 hectares. It includes two portions.

236 Saratov region Settlement Lyubavinka Elena 89,085,543,855 89,085,469,258
Naxoditsya it is on the border of the Saratov and Penza region, on the shore of a very fast and clean rivers Xopёr. We have wonderful sandy beaches, there are forests and xvoynye and deciduous, very fertile land. There is a general dom.Zvonite, come, feel the earth!

237 Saratov region Settlement Rodoslavnoe Irina 89085512775, 89063049380 Vasily, Nataliya 89372551987 Settlement is in Lysogorsky district of Saratov region. Founded 2002. 500m from the village is the river Dipper. Along one of the borders of the settlement goes stream. Nearby is a vast woodland, pine forests, forestry. Fungal place. Inhabitants - beavers, foxes, badgers, many birds come to visit rabbits, moose, deer, wild boars.

238 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement "Cedars Sinegorye" Boyarskikh Sergey, Lida Clear 89126735720
Prigorodny district, between the village and Uralets Visim. At 50 kilometers from Nizhny Tagil, between the village and Uralets Visim (home of the famous D.N.Mamina Sibiryaka), near the Ural mountain ridge Jolly V.Megre readers of books have created a settlement ancestral homes "Cedars Sinegorye".

239 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement "Svetoruse" Etman Pauline 89,126,839,324 (SvetoRuse) Pritchina Julia 89022663335 (Ekaterinburg)
Estimated settlement area of ​​360 hectares in the district of the Sverdlovsk region Kamyshlovsk. The distance of 120 km to the east of Yekaterinburg. Earth - is the territory of the village of Borisov (2 km from Tyumen tract) plus the surrounding agricultural land.

240 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement "Silver Cedar" 89506514411
Krasnoutkinsky district, near the village of Squirrel is located in the north of the Sverdlovsk region under Krasnoturyinsk. Our village consists of silver cedar ancestral homes, gathered, they chose the land and began to develop it since 2004.

241 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement "Ural ridge" Our contacts: Sverdlovsk region, Kushva. Building under a settlement of patrimonial estates Ural ridge on the site of the village of the same name Kushvinsky district, Sverdlovsk region, on the border with the Perm region. 400 meters above sea level. The village is at the source of the river Tura. Nearby (4 km) take their origins River Small name and Tiskos.

242 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Grace Olga 89501931188
Sverdlovsk region, suburb N.Tagil. The settlement is located on two former collective farms an area of ​​38 hectares. Expanding by 18 ha. Around the forest, located near the source of the river White Loeb, a small pond. The fields partially overgrown 0.5-3 meter pine, birch, willows.

243 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Dobrynia Vladimir 89028769215; Igor.89089146402
Sverdlovsk Region, Beloyarsky district. Our settlement of Dobrynya located east of Yekaterinburg (40 km), near the town of Zarechny (7 km), near the village of Kurmanka. It founded in 2004.

244 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Radiant Listova Elena 89126364047 60km from Yekaterinburg, 5km from Dvurechenskikh

245 Sverdlovsk Oblast Medvedevo settlement Natalya Kuznetsova
Settlement information
Our ancestral homes are located in the western part with. Medvedevo Sverdlovsk region.

246 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Faina Polyana 89022622703
g.Achit, 200 km in the direction of Perm, d.Kochkilda

247 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Privolnoe Gennady 89045426176, 89527307511. Hope
Settlement Privolnoe is 300 km away. from the city of Yekaterinburg in the north and 30 km. of our city, near the station Vagranskaya.

248 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Radosvet Nataliya 89086390794, 89292145875, 89045468428 Alex), Julia 89045423766
Settlement Radosvet located on the border of three regions - Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk and Kurgan. The nearest town - the village Okulov - is 1 km from the village, the regional center of Kamensk-Ural - 26 km. The nearest large city - Yekaterinburg - about 120 km.

249 Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Settlement Rainbow 89122034000, 89049821647 Elena; 89678506543, 89506493688 Olga, Ruslan 89049816014, 89221177790 Marina, r a d u g a - u r a @ y a n d e
 http: //raduzhnoe-ural.rf/
Sverdlovsk region, Pervouralsk. Our settlement is located on the border between Europe and Asia in the Middle Urals, 65 km from the city of Yekaterinburg. Land settlement is located on the territory of mixed forests: pine, birch, aspen, spruce, fir, fragrant herbs, mushroom circle seats. Nearby flows the purest creek.

Accommodation Rainbow

250 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Springs Alexander 89506394183, Andrew 89022626357, Alexei 89826992807, General Address: Skype: wanderer-a
The settlement is located 15 km from Shunuta and 80 km north-west of Yekaterinburg. Fields have an elongated shape and extend along the rivers. The nearest town is beautiful and sonorous name - Krasnoyar. The village is located 3 km from the "spring". From Ekaterinburg - 83km from g.Revdy - 30km from p.Krasnoyar - 3km

251 Sverdlovsk Oblast Settlement Clear Oleg Ivanov,, 89120458337
Alexander Orlov,, 89120524938
Kuzmin Aleksandr Pavlovich,, 89022540784
Artem Bartenev O.,, 89122451565
Sverdlovsk region, Revda Urban District. There is a road and electricity. The founders of the settlement is a group of 5 people.

252 Rainbow Sverdlovsk region (in-d.Ust Bugalysh) Lyudmila 89506591821
Aside Krasnoufimsk, 230km from Ekater. in the south-west in the area d.Ust-Bugalysh

253 Smolensk region Vyazemskys ancestral homes E-mail: Located: Smolensk region, Temkinsky district, near the village of Sidorovo.. Direction: West. Minsk w. Distance from Moscow Ring Road 170 km.

254 Smolensk region Settlement "Vedrussov Grad" Svetlana A. 89107610596, Svetlana A. 89150375431, 89032131713, 89303024133 Irina Elena 89107239656 Our village is an amazing location near the small village Zamoshye that Ugra is located in the district of the Smolensk region, 40 km . south of Vyazma. Settlement takes three fields with a total area of ​​220 hectares. In 2 km. Situated n. Znamenka, which in 1480 occurred the famous Standing on the Ugra.

255 Smolensk region Settlement Beresen Alexei 89056981471, 89107822847 Fail, Lydia 89190418756
Smolensk region, Dukhovshchinsky District. Before Dukhovshchina district center 20 km to 80 km to the Smolensk Yartsevo 50 km. Geledzhika to 2000 km. There is a post office, a club, a library, a medical point, sawmill. In the settlement are 2 shops.

256 Smolensk region Settlement Dobrosele Anna 89161021818, 89161352273 Marina, Alexey 89151860205,
Smolensk region, Novoduginsky area Vysokovskoye rural settlement in the area of ​​the former village Kudryavtseva. We are located about halfway between Moscow and Smolensk, in the center of the ancient lands. We are surrounded by water hazards and forests. Rough Terrain poorly, with low hills, copses, fast-flowing rivers and streams.

257 Smolensk region Settlement Forest Dali Nina and Andrei 89057554969, 89269877515, In gatherings Anna 89104837555, 89166423924 Svetlana
Smolensk region, Sychevsky area. Sereda on the territory of villages, etc. Yablontsevo. Sychevsky district of Smolensk region, 250 km from Moscow on Novorizhskoe highway and 250 km on the Minsk highway. different roads, electricity in the village (there is land on the territory of the village), in the School Sereda (9 year old) in Sychovka (11).

258 Smolensk region Settlement Lyuboistok Love 89605924325
The settlement is 45 km from the city of Smolensk. settlement of the Earth consists of a unit of agricultural land category. From Smolensk paved highway of regional value, then 6 km. good gravel roads to villages and on the edge of the field. River "Kasplya" 5-10 minutes on foot, a big lake "Kasplya" 15-20 minutes.

259 Smolensk region Settlement Church Calendar Ilya Elena 90359159-seventy-one in Vyazma district of Smolensk region there is a great place to create a settlement: an abandoned village with ancient surprising title, with three sides surrounded by small rivers fed by clean keys. In the woods full of mushrooms and berries (stock up for all winter). The village remained standing three residential houses, and every old garden.

260 Smolensk region Settlement Solar Tatiana 89,037,836,181 (Moscow), Sergei 89,099,178,299 (Moscow), Solar Settlement is located in Smolensk region at Dukhovskoy hills in a picturesque setting, between lakes and rivers, mixed forest. The settlement is situated in 385 km from Moscow. The soil is sandy and loamy, with good care already grow their own watermelons, melons, grapes and others. In the forest a lot of mushrooms, strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, and cranberries.

261 Smolensk region Settlement Staroselie Maxim 89165514980, 89605236765 Alex
http: //starosele.rf/
Geographically, we are located in the Smolensk region in Ugra district, near the border with the Kaluga region, which is about 230 km. of Moscow, near the villages of Slobodka and Staroselie. One kilometer from the settlement proceeds is the cleanest in the European part of the Russian River. Ugra.

262 Stavropol Krai Sergey Settlement Klyuchёvskoe 89624477298, 89624206971 Igor, Vladimir 89064401007,
Stavropol, Trunovskogo area. Settlement Klyuchёvskoe is within Klyuchёvskogo village in the north-western part of the Stavropol Territory. The village is located in the hills of the set of natural water bodies, grasslands with diverse flora and fauna. There are also areas with woodland.

263 Stavropol Settlement Happy Alexei 89624591812, 89624994022 Victor
Stavropol, Shpakovsky district, near the village of Temnolesskoy (about 40 km from the Stavropol). The settlement founded on 14 April 2006 in a great location - at the foot of the mountain Strizhament. In the settlement of property it has 253 hectares of land, which is designed for 90 ancestral homes with the possibility of extension up to 150 sites.

264 Tatarstan republic Settlement Zhivinka Elvira 89179364887
Tatarstan Vysokogorsky 30 km from the city of Kazan. A picturesque place, surrounded by forest, where a lot of berries and mushrooms. A wide variety of birds and animals: beavers, hares, foxes, squirrels, wild boar, elk, deer, owls, hawks. Here, clean air and clean the forest springs.

265 Republic of Tatarstan Albert Settlement Joyful 89179167380 Alice Afonin
The settlement of the family estate Joyous is 30 km from Almetyevsk Sarmanova aside, away from the main roads (Kasko). The terrain is not flat-settlement holmy.Poselenie small crosses clean clear creek.

266 Tatarstan republic Settlement Svetlogorye Dinar 89520385626, 89503179814 Herman
Settlement Svetlogorye ocnovano in the west of the Republic of Tatarstan 70 km from the city of Kazan

267 Tatarstan republic Settlement Light Shushkov Vladimir 89033075055 50 ha property. Free sites do not have.

268 Tatarstan republic Settlement Sunny Galina 89375262541, 89274874393
Settlement in Vysokogorskom area 50 km from the city of Kazan, near the village of Shapsha, near the beginning of the source of the river Elance.
Tver region 269 Settlement "Honey key" Stanislav 89157227209, 89301690969; Sergey 89157120312, 89206849165),, Mikhail 89169425176, Julia 89852042335 Location: Russia, Tver region, Kimry area Ustinovskii rural settlement. The settlement is located along the east bank of the river Small Puditsa, near the forest.

270 Tver region settlement Lyubimovka Vladimir Konyukhov 89109325131
The settlement was established in the Kalinin district of Tver Region
Tver region 

271 Settlement of heaven Irina (495) 171-98-68; 89629037544 (mobile only) established a settlement near the village of heaven. Lartseva. Kimrsky District of the Tver region. 133km. from Moscow
Tver region 

272 Settlement Radom Rafael 89040256017, 89269599107 Elena, Eugenia 89653909110
Our village is located 260 km from Moscow, 80 km from Tver and Rzhev, 30 km from the Staritsa

273 Tomsk Oblast Settlement "Sunny Meadow" Kapishnikova Olga 89095403236, 83822675912 Arthur Bikmullin
Tomsk region Tomsk region, 14 km to the west of the city of Tomsk, 3 km to the south from with. Zorkaltsev, at 1 km of the road to d. Berezkin (asphalt road adjacent to the territory of the settlement).

274 Tomsk Oblast Settlement Lyubinka Turushkin Sergei., Tatiana Murzina 89539110528
Located 41 km from Tomsk, on the highway to the north.

275 Tomsk Oblast Settlement Obereg Shibanov Roman 89528914501, 89061994974 Irina Lysenko
Website -
It is located 45 km. in the south-east of Tomsk, Tomsk region, near the border of the Kemerovo region, 8 km from s.Mezheninovka, 1 km. by p.Zarechny. PDP is located in the taiga location on the banks of the river Basandayka (at the top of her current). There are unfinished public house (under the roof), put in one frame of the estates. Available in the main field - 10 sites.

276 Settlement, Tula region "Valley of Joy" 9091526849
The settlement is situated not far from the Moscow region, in Tulskaya oblast. The distance from Moscow - 120 km on Kashirskoye Highway (M4 Don).

277 Tula region Settlement Spiritual Olga Deltsova 89152180645 ararisa-dushevnoe [@], Malakhov 89166576598 Kirill Kirill-m [@] Tula region, Zaoksky area, 300 meters west of the village. Laptev. (137 km from Moscow to Simferopol highway, near the city of Oka, city Tarrusa). Place we have quiet, surrounded by woods, many living creatures (wild boars, foxes, moose, hares, owls, falcons), areas with forest trees, a lot of mushrooms, the whole field strewn with strawberries in the summer.

Settlement "Esenin Sloboda"

278 Tula region Settlement Live picture Baharev Vladimir (Pushchino)
Tula region, Yasnogorsk district, 115 km. from Moscow on Kashirskoye highway. (From Moscow to Simferopol highway) or 125 km (on Kashirskoye highway). Total area - more than 300 hectares of agricultural land.

279 Tula region Settlement Zapovednoe Galina 89160538101, 89295643098, 89534305372 Ekaterina find our "Wildness protection" in the Tula region, Venyovsky District, 40 km from Tula and 160 km from Moscow, near the villages Ananskikh and Djakovo. On the eastern border of the settlement proceeds Rechenka Sezana with springs and streams flowing into it. 1.5 km to the south, in a small village Ananskikh have a great spring with icy water.

280 Tula region Settlement Kazinka Palych 9161452957; 9509143881, Marina 9105838518
Our village is on the border of the Tula and Lipetsk region. 300 km. from Moscow, 120 km. from Tula. The terrain - hilly steppe. The village is surrounded by trees as a wall. There are mushrooms, berries of wild strawberry, wild strawberry. Across the village grow apples, plums, raspberries in large quantities.

281 Tula Oblast Nikolskoye settlement Daria 89202762450, 89067037192 Maria settlement of Nikolskoye located in the Tula region, Kurkino district.

282 Tula Oblast Otradnoye Settlement Katerina 79,534,305,372 (Tula), Alexander 79857235490 (Moscow) (there Viber and WhatsApp) Venyovsky District, Tula Region. The settlement is located on a hill and bordered by Sežana river on one side and the village of Djakovo, on the other. With the flat part of a wonderful view of the village ancestral homes "Zapovednoe", woods and fields around. The land is located near the forest. In walking distance there is a stream with a source of drinking water. The nearest shops in Dedilovskih settlements.

283 Tula region Settlement generic Belolipetskii Lyudmila 89030352757, 89202747571 Lukuta Julia, ladyjul [dog]
Generic Settlement is located 35 km to the west of Tula. It established a settlement in 2003. Now the settlement, consisting of seven fields, lies on 600 hectares of land. Place picturesque. Each field with one or more parties is surrounded by forests or plantations. Arc through the entire settlement proceeds spring-water creek Sand. Two kilometers to the west flows the river Upa. The forests are home to wild boar, deer, foxes, hares, various birds.

284 Tula region Settlement Svetodar Basil and Violetta 89037653797, 89521850669, 9265643806 8 Fedor, Vadim 89265272044
Tula region, Zaoksky area. Young growing settlement. Founded in 2011. Our village is located in the Tula region, in the 1000 m. Outside the village Simonovo near g.Aleksin, Tula.

285 Tula region Settlement Glorious Phone for questions and open events "free" sites: 8967115 26 70 Border Moscow and Tula regions. 20 km from the town of Pushchino. Nice refreshment - it is almost 150 families on 700 hectares of land located in Tulskaya oblast. Half of the territory of the settlement amount to public areas. In the glorious winter about 15 families (50 people).

286 Tula region Settlement Maxim Reality 89036611835
Yasnogorsk district, 114km from Moscow. The territory consists of 41 settlements of estates, with an area of ​​1.2 hectares to 2.1 hectares. The total area of ​​the settlement is 79 hectares.

287 Tyumen region Honey Grove email: Settlement is located in the south of the Tyumen region, 300 kilometers from Tyumen (by geographical coordinates, we are south of Yekaterinburg).

288 Tyumen Oblast Settlement Zoryana Tel. 89224716457 settlement on the basis of the village of Malaya Zamorozovka - Small Zamorzovka. Str. Cedar, 6.Zemlya waiting.

289 Tyumen Oblast Nikolskoye settlement Goryachev Dmitry N. 89220564359, goryachе, Inna V. Goryachev 89504922119, 89222644390 Pochivalin Alexander,
Nikolskoye located 36 km from the district center Yarkovo. At 20 km away is the central manor Novoaleksandrovka. The address of our settlements - Tyumen region, Yarkovskiy district, the village of St. Nicholas. The settlement is located in a picturesque area of ​​Western Siberia.

290 Tyumen Oblast Settlement Paradise Galina Andreeva Vsevolodovna 89123854509 Location - Tyumen region, Tyumen, Kalinin Administrative District. Located in the former nursery of fruit crops. Rare medicinal herbs area (over 100 species), 50 ha of orchards (apple, raspberry, chokeberry, cherevishnya), there's Lair strawberries. Along the perimeter of the estates - snegozaderzhivayuschie shelterbelts of poplar and pine 30-40 years of age.

291 Tyumen Oblast Settlement Rosichi Devyatova Natalia and Andrei 89123814060, 89504832195, 89026203243 Plesovskih Vladislav (19.00 - 21.00), Mozzhegorov Igor 89829307208
Tyumen region, Yarkovskiy. Our village was founded in 2004 and is located 87 km from the city of Tyumen in Yarkovsky area on the banks of oxbow Tours, near the village of Nikitino. Near mixed forest and a large pine forest. Children from villages and settlements go to the woods for strawberries at the beautiful Strawberry Fields. In the bush a lot of mushrooms and streams. The city of Tours settlement falls in Tobol.

292 Tyumen Oblast Settlement Turyanka Ryanin Alexander 89044916649, 89829802511 Ivan Porshnev
Tyumen region, 50 km of Irbitsky tract (20 km from d.Kuliga)

293 Tyumen Oblast Native Pretty Tel. 89323210933 50 km. from Tyumen

294 Udmurtia, Republic Settlement "Russian Saramaka»
Our village "Russian Saramaka" (ancestor, beginning his race - a rough translation) is located 30 kilometers from the district center -posёlka Kizner, Udmurtia.

295 Udmurtia, Republic Settlement Bolgury 89,501,725,936 89,508,363,201
The settlement is located 38 km from the city of Izhevsk

296 Udmurtia, Republic Settlement Magic Alexander Eskin 89043118349, 89090595773 Alexei Morozov,
Magic is in the Udmurt respupliki Zavyalovsky District, 4 km south-west of the village Makarovo. The nearest town - Izhevsk. The total area of ​​the settlement is 36 hectares. The settlement is on top and the southern slope of the hill, at the foot of which a stream flows. Previously, there were garden plots, abandoned for more than 15 years, and overgrown with young forest.

297 Udmurtia, Republic Settlement Druzhnoye Andrei Kazakov 89090660170,, Dmitry Korotaev 89127645189, 89226805036, 89512020209 The settlement is based on the basis of the village Chechegi.Rodovoe village is 6 km from the road going from St.Zyattsev to Nov.Zyattsev. Located it is on a small hill and is buried in the thickets of wild cherry, lilac and apple trees. In the settlement flows handsome strong spring, which forms a water surface of the pond, having a heart shape.

298 Udmurtia, Republic Settlement Zorenki Galina 89124542089, Maria 89124430443
Settlement Zorenki a picturesque location Sarapulsky region of Udmurtia.

299 Udmurtia, Republic Settlement rotten in Sarapul: Sergey rsa28 @, Boris and Lyudmila 89124486884, ICQ 125432230 Location: 12 km from the town of Sarapul, south Parkachevo 1.2 km How to get from Izhevsk: Izhevsk Sarapul up on the bus, from the bus to Sarapul Parkachevskih sadoogorodov (summer) or suburban train (in winter) and then walk 3 km to Parkachevo. The field is located on the northern bank of the river high Matveiha. Along the forest belt of the river.

300 Udmurtia, Republic Settlement Springs Ekaterina 89501517924,, Nataliya 89508115280,
Settlement Springs is located in the Krasnogorsk district of the Republic of Udmurtia. At the center of the settlements in the valley flows the river Osinovka - here it originates, it feeds a lot of springs. Thanks to them, the settlement is called - "Springs".

301 Udmurtia, Republic of Native Settlement Golovkov Alex tel 89048305040, Mylar Alexander 89127608811, 89508318719, 89501744788 Gorshunova Natalya, 89128788195
Mozhginsky District. The settlement is built on the basis of virtually extinct village Bragin. It is spread out in the valley of the small river "Syuzyashurka". At the heart of our villages - a pond. The settlement is surrounded by forest on the one hand, on the other - the field. In the district we counted up to 40 springs.

302 Ulyanovsk region Settlement Cradle Andrei 89372796885, 89084726810, 89370330217, Alexander, Michael 89374526479
Ulyanovsk region, Baryshsky. Our village was formed in spring 2010. The initiative group has found an amazing beauty of the place. It is located in a picturesque valley rich in springs, near the forest, on the site of an abandoned village, to preserve the status of the village.

303 Ulyanovsk region Settlement Okay Julia 89372777458 Sergey 89278036343, 89084805666 Ravil
Ulyanovsk region, Sengileevskaya. We want to make the settlement of the place where they will be grown eco-friendly products, develop the forgotten crafts, handmade manufactured products.

304 Ulyanovsk region Settlement Sia Boltaevka This village on the border of Sura and Karsunsky District Ulyanovsk Region. On the banks of the beautiful river Sura.

305 Ulyanovsk region Settlement Creation 8 (937) 872-86-34 89176081774 Anton Email:
Organizer in the VC Skype: vlastelin773
VC group
Ulyanovsk region Staromainsky Volga region near the village. The settlement is situated in a beautiful location. Near the site flows the majestic river Volga, near Staromainskogo Bay, there is a small cozy Cranberry Bay, which flows into the Staromainsky.

306 Khabarovsk Territory Settlement Shargol Zhirik Paul G. 89,243,015,478, Musretalieva Galina Muratovna 89142150362, 89622866090,, skype gavrilov_ d.v; Vorotnikov Artem 89141750090, skype artem_vorotnikov
Location - in the tract Galichnoe lake, 16 km. from Komsomolsk-on-Amur on the highway. Distance to the river. Cupid - 1.8 km. A few kilometers to the north is Komsomol Park. To the east of us - "Cosmos" holiday home "Shargol" and the children's camp.

307 Khakassia republic Settlement Bereginya Pintusova Nina 89130545358
In the south of the republic of Khakassia is created perfect refreshment. Here is a very fertile soil: chernozem leached, with slightly acid reaction, passing in a neutral environment. You can grow apricots. Ripen also delicious apples and pears. In our area, private entrepreneurs grow grapes. Nearest big city - Abakan - about 150 km to the north.

308 Khakassia republic Settlement Upper Kurlugash Kolesnikova Nadezhda Alekseevna 89135461789, 89832791003 Zhuravleva Tatiana
Located in Tashtypsky District Republic of Khakassia, 10 km north-west from the village Tashtyp

Settlement Upper Kurlugash

309 Khakassia republic Settlement Springs Werner Vladimir 89134456751, email (best to call), the site
Settlement "Springs" is in Tashtypsky area 155 km away from Abakan "Abakan - Ak-Dovurak" on the federal highway, from the village to the town of Tashtyp 7km to 20km g.Abaza..

310 Chelyabinsk Oblast Ursa Vitaly 89226155415, 89127954990 Elena, Alexei 89058399257 ICQ: 153696070
110 km south of Yekaterinburg. From d.Krasny guerrillas 500m south. The proximity of the mountains: in the 20-25km west passes ridge of the Ural Mountains.

311 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement Aria Rybin Vyacheslav d Yarinka, Chui district of Chelyabinsk region. Oktyabrskaya Str. d1 q 1 89088121131
Located between d. Yarinka with. Uiskoe. In Chui region of Chelyabinsk region. near the Ui River.

312 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement Blagodatnoe Eugene 89028607780
35 km. in the south-west of Chelyabinsk, 2 km. by s.Arhangelskoe

313 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement District Polifertov 89507454477 Sergei, Gennady Maynych 89123260800, 89514808875 Abzalova Alla, Vitaly Soldatov 89068513702 Our village is located in the Chelyabinsk region, about 60 km from Magnitogorsk. Organized on the basis of garden and dacha community "district". Railway station Sklar. Earth - 308 hectares.

314 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement Oriana Maria S. 89517701318, 89120846031, 89043006233 Diachkov Andrew, Satka district of Chelyabinsk region. The area of ​​39 hectares. At 150-300 meters down the river, there are two-Ai and flows into it Shulёmka. Before Satka district center on the road 40 km. At 2.5 km from the village of Upper of Ai, go to her bus. 9 km - village Eileen, there is a school, post office, shops.

315 Chelyabinsk Oblast Otradnoye Settlement Penner Edward 89080917515 settlement Location: Ural, Chelyabinsk region. Katav Ivanovo region, Aleksandrovka. The settlement was organized in 2002

316 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement Pridannikovo 89292383117 140 km. in the south-west of Chelyabinsk, 8 km. by s.Maslovo

317 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement Dawn
We are located 20 kilometers from the city of Chelyabinsk in the picturesque place nearby (about 1 km.) From the Miass River upstream from the city of Chelyabinsk.

318 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement Solar Opletaeva Marina 89222964306, 89222356630 Netsvetaeva Ulyana Our Solar settlement consisting of ancestral homes was 6 years old in September 2013. It is located in the north of Chelyabinsk region in Kasli area near Snezhinsk and s.Vosskresenskoe. Near r.Sinara flows, and a 3-km oz.Sinara.

319 Chelyabinsk Oblast Settlement successful Ilina Elena 89292724472, 89123027272 Daniel
Our village "Successful" is located on 180 hectares in the Chelyabinsk region, 45 km from Magnitogorsk, 150 km from Arkaim, 250 km from the city of Chelyabinsk. Until a settlement is a very good high-speed road, which allows you to quickly get from Magnitogorsk city center in 40 minutes.

320 Chelyabinsk Oblast Net keys Razmyshkina Anna 89128925801, 8351701814 Pshenitsyn Peter Krasnoarmeyskiy district, south of d.Safonovo

321 Chita Region Settlement Novorodnik Tatiana 89144602137 Alexander
Chita Region, Chita. You can get there by shuttle bus №520 from the F / A station twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) to the village Sypchegur (settlement Olenguyskoe). Ask the teacher of mathematics - Vasilevsky Alexander Andreyevich, Sovetskaya, 25-1.

322 Chuvash Republic Birch Glade-Princely Angelina Rp 89,196,555,792, 89,053,418,066 Misha, Tanya 89603055600, 89053414377 Andrew
Birch Glade - This small village is located near the Sura River and on the border Poretskii Alatyrsky areas of the Chuvash Republic. Sursky Reserve.

323 Chuvash Republic Accommodation is spacious and Alexander 89196789331

324 Chuvash Republic Settlement Rainbow Peter 89373700162, 89379585485 Denis Alexander 89196596309 Tsivilsky District Chuvash Republic

325 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement "Native expanses" Alexander Sobolev, 89605365993, 89159930128 Kakorin Basil, Valery Nekrasov 89056304492 Settlement is located 35 km from Yaroslavl to Gavrilov-Yamskaya area. The border Yaroslavl 35km. Settlement created a people who have read the series of books by VN Megre "Ringing Cedars of Russia".

326 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Sarafanova Thanks Sergei and Olga 89,201,207,050 89,201,207,056 Yaroslavl From 50 km. From Moscow 230 km. The settlement is located on the two fields, surrounded by forest. Total Thanks in 40 areas, mostly the size of 1.5 to 2 hectares. It is supplied with electricity to all areas.

327 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Grace Victor Merchants: 89067951932; goyeci_barod (GSS), raduga-mama [Sabaki] Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl region. 200 km from Moscow and 36 km from the town of Pereslavl Zaleski. Nearby villages: Skomorohova, Polovtsian, St. Andrew. The settlement fell "ribbon" along the road "Skomorohova - Andreev" at 4km.

328 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Cornflower 8920120705056
Rostov region. 30 km from the city of Rostov. 12km from Semibratova 50 km from Yaroslavl. 230 km from Moscow. Otmezhёvano, divided into portions, transferred kind permitted use, conduct electricity.

329 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Town
Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk district Pokrovskoe s / n, Nicholas Kormsky c / o, a village town. 35 km from Rybinsk. Born in July 2006. Category: settlement lands. Permitted use: for individual housing construction. The Volga River near the Rybinsk Reservoir.

330 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Good Vlad, Natasha (EDT) 89645576186, 89623647266, (yarosl) 89051308064
Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl. The settlement stretched near the confluence of two rivers Nerl and Kubr, on the southern outskirts of Yaroslavl Province on 120 hectares. The road to our settlement otsypnaya gravel road that runs through all of our settlement field, after which the ends. There is a communal house.

331 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Dobrozdravie Elena 89,806,545,644) (Pereslavl), Volodymyr 89,167,846,272 (Moscow)
Located in a quiet secluded scenic location on the banks of the river Nerl on the edge of dense forest. On the south side of the village is bordered by two small villages and Zheltikova Merinova, Nerl River flows from the northern side.

332 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Zapovednoe bodies. 8920120705056 Yaroslavl region, Rostov region. 30 km from the city of Rostov. 12km from Semibratova 50 km from Yaroslavl. 230 km from Moscow

333 Yaroslavl region Sergey Settlement Okay 89201256846, 89201129602 Tatiana,,,
We find: Yaroslavl region, Gavrilov-Yamsky District, 230 km from Moscow on the road M-8, from Yaroslavl - 35 km in the direction of Moscow. Organized, wood production, purchased the sawmill, machinery, tools, lifting gear for the construction of log cabins. Production of logs for the bees.

334 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Lesnina Natalia 89099264241 skype - tallae79
Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl. Scenics, hills, streams, springs, dense forest with mushrooms and berries ... elks, wild boars, hares)) There is room for creativity!

335 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Rosinka write Settlement began in the spring of 2007 at 160 km north of Moscow in the Yaroslavl region. Agricultural land; It repurchased about 150 hectares (220 hectares of surveying subject); distance from MKAD along the short road - 160 km; distance from MKAD along the long road (through Pereslavl) - 175 km. Bus - 7 flights per day in Pereslavl, then the local route to Demetrius.

336 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement Shushukovo bodies. 89039653979 Yaroslavl region, Pereslavl district. From highway 10 kilometers, the silence, all around the woods and fields. Then we have just the land of the national park Plescheevo lake. Bilberry, mushrooms, raspberries forest right in our lands. There are areas of the forest and mushrooms.

337 Yaroslavl Oblast Settlement YAROVIT
YAROVIT is located 150 km from Moscow, 25 km from Pereslavl, Yaroslavl region.

"Good Settlement"

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