Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Kin's domains (family estates) is a national idea of Russia

At the end of the last century Anastasia from the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series inspired people to create family estates (Kin's domains) which has turned into great national movement with more than 300 Kin's settlements developing now in Russia alone.

"Vedrussia (Sinegorie)" is number 120 in the above list.

Vedrussia (Sinegorie) is one of the biggest Kin's settlements in Russia, with 270 families owning 550 hectares of land. Every year they have a few festivals, gatherings and celebrations - Arts and Crafts, All-Earth Day, Soulmates etc - and here (in media section below) you can enjoy some photos and video about festivals and life in the Kin's settlement.

Vedrussia (Sinegorie) website (in Russian):
Use Google Translate (not always accurate):

For the year 2016 they plan to have 6 festivals (gatherings):

1) "Dancing Russia" in Vedrussia Kin's settlement, June 2 - 5,
2) Summer solstice Festival in Vedrussia Kins settlement, June 14 - 20.
3) "From Heart to heart" in Vozrozhdenie, Gelendzhik region, June 17 - 23,
4) Festival of Art of Craft in Vedrussia Kins settlement, August 19 - 26.
5) Two Hearts - One Melody (Soulmates gathering), September 16 - 21
6) Annual Festival of Positive Creation in Vozrozhdenie, Gelendzhik region, September 21 - 28. It is the most famous and popular Festival (gathering upto 3000 like-minded people) will take place on Zhane river (Vozrozhdenie village, Gelendzhik region) in September 21st to 28th.

If you want to join a Festival please contact Yury at radaryu@gmail.com

Yury's website:

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