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How to conduct community affairs: The community agreement

"Praise to the Sun" by Michael Shirokov:
Image - Artist's conceptualisation of Siberia during the time of the "Vedrus".

The following translation was done by Google Translate.  Sadly, quite a bit of the translation is in broken English, but with enough indicators so we can still understand the intention of what was being written. Where the meaning is nearly indecipherable, i've offered some translation that i'll get checked by a native Russian speaker.

The following was translated from this webpage:

Community agreement for "Settlement Vedrussia"
Published 19/11/2013

Create a "Space of Love" so that fills the soul with joy at the sight of it, to live forever as Love it wanted. Love that embraces all: You, Family, People, Nature.

To the target path was shorter response we keep to one another and to their conscience:

[Offered translation:  The quick path to achieve what we want is to have clear communication and honourable relationships with one another, and to uphold these agreements in good conscience.]

1. For cleanliness of land, water and air in this space.

2. For the fertility of the soil and the ways leading to it.

3. For the life of animals, of which going to start. Think first: what you are. That life with you bring them? And will the neighbors in the joy of this cohabitation?

[Offered translation: Think about the animals you want... Do you actually need them for the "dream" you hold for your land? What quality of life will you give them? What quality of life will they have? Will your neighbours enjoy living beside the animals you want on your land?]

4. For those habits, koi are harmful to our health. It is better to get rid of them. Himself for the benefit and for the benefit of the people.

[Note: I'm not sure what 'koi' is. Could it be "carp" (fish) ?? ]

Who burden responsible said, let her wait for hours outside our communities, because the time for all of their own.

[Offered translation:  Everyone comes to their family estate in their own good time, when they are ready. Feel no guilt or responsibility for not being there yet. You still have lessons to learn before this happens for you.]

On the way to dreams and to the objectives of our possible disputes. And here it is time to say pure thoughts. The harmony of all the senses, energy and emotion - their completeness and balance one that creates peace and joy around, love and respect. Kohl is there - the thoughts are pure.

[Offered translation: On the way to our dreams for our life on the land, there may be possible disputes with others. If this happens, simply allow "pure thoughts" to always reside in your heart and be expressed - in balance, hamony, in all of your senses, in feelings of the energies flowing through you, and in your emotions. Let the things in dispute be resolved in a balanced way - in a way that continues to allow peace, joy, love and respect all around. "Kohl" [not sure. this is what I feel from the word]: Resolution remains within you for apeaceful settlement when your thoughts are pure.]

The unity of the two faces: the families and the family estate to our homeland creates descendants. With the birth of the perfection of knowing they will be able to a communication experience with the universe, the big affinity with small, transient with prebuduschim forever. And bring the world of beauty, love and goodness, multiplying them from generation to generation.

We combine the power of our, good, love and understanding of the world and of forgotten ancestors will return to their repentance in the soul to return to the planet of our garden blossom, fill it again radiance of love and perfection.

Before creation, it will be reasonable:

- Aim to determine the possible consequences of achievements, advantages and disadvantages of it, as is the case for the people will respond, and are now living descendants. Whether or demolish bring harmony.

- Designate the desired time-bound targets; sub-goals, if the accomplishment of great.

- Agree on who is responsible to all men [and women] for the achievement of the desired goal. For the money it will work, or deemed for the joy of his power to fill a movement common to the dream - you need to agree to the satisfaction of everyone, the consequences of checking on Conscience and Mind.

- After contemplating the imminent creation, determine what tools are needed for it, and where to find them.

Common Code (principles of good neighborliness)

  • We create a family estate settlement (PDP), where every inhabitant settlement can equip their ancestral homes (RP), as described in the books "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series.
  • Family estate is inviolable property of its founder and his family and their descendants. Family estate created for the recovery of its founder Rod, and consolidation of land as a small country for his family.
  • We are happy to help each other in the creation of a new happy life style, as well as contribute to the appearance of RP settlements.
  • The Council of settlements "Sinegorye-Vedrussiya" - is organizing an actuator:
- Legal support of the development of settlements
- The distribution of resources for the settlement of all participants on the principle of equality and justice
- Holding joint events and environmental activities
- Reception guests
  • Settle in the Republic of Poland, people in co-creation with the Divine Nature can best fulfill its purpose as a son of the earth-mother and her creator-God.
  • The compound of three points, three senses, the three planes of existence for conception, gestation and birth of children in the space of the Republic of Poland, it is possible and necessary.
  • Parenting starts with educating yourself. Educating children to respect parents, elders and its kind includes working parents initially on themselves, striving to be an example for children (helping to approach the divine way of life).
  • The main indicator of the culture we understand the maintenance and development of the purity and harmony of nature. Recreating the soil and the natural balance, the recovery of seed stock, creating a self-sufficient ecosystem in each RP to fully meet the needs of families living on it.
  • Neighbourhood is one of the most important principles of mutual relations in the settlement. Since the neighbors are attracted to us without reason, look into them, like in the mirror, see themselves and their actions.
  • On the other, do as you want them to do to you. Help, than you can - in a word, deed, thought. Welcome - the main measure of the relationship.
  • The content of the main animals should be the principle of "we are responsible for those we have tamed." The responsibility for the behavior of animals in the settlement are their owners.

# 120 Krasnodar region Sinegorye-Vedrussiya
Krasnodar Territory, Seversky. 

By 2007, almost all the plots were distributed to the estate. Near the village is located Sinegorye: Azov, Ubinskaya, Derbent, urban Ilsky village. From the family estate to Il'sky 10-15 minute walk to the Azov 15-20 minutes

t. 89189230503 

"Neighbourly discussions in Chelyabinsk."

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