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"Even today everyone can build a home" - Anastasia the Vedrus

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"You are not alone. Paradise will appear as a conjoint co-creation."

At the end of Chapter 25 of Book 4 "Co-creation" of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre (1998) , Vladimir asks Anastasia:

"What is the most important thing?"

We will continue with excerpts from Chapter 26...


The Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre, Book 4 "Co-creation"

Chapter 26  (excerpts)

"The most important thing, Vladimir, is that even today everyone can build a home. Everyone can feel God with their soul and live in Paradise. One single moment is all that separates Paradise from people living on Earth today. Each one possesses conscious awareness within. When dogmas do not interfere with this awarness, then look Vladimir, at what can come to pass..."

"It only takes a moment. You will understand everthing in just a moment of time. And everyone will undertand - the readers, yours and mine...

"Within themselves they will define the essence of the Earth, and become aware of their destined purpost. Right this moment Vladimir, see... right this moment we shall in our thoughts build our home! I and all of them too. And I assure you indeed that the thought of each one of them will be brought into contact with the thought of God. The gates of Paradise will open..."

"We shall build a home together with those who will come later, who come into contact with your written words. All human thought will merge together into one. Believe me, people have God's ability within them to turn what they conceive into reality. And many a home will stand upon the land. And each one in their own homes will be able to grasp everything first hand. They will be able to feel and understnad the aspiration of the Divine dream. We shall build a home! I and you and all of them too!"

Anastasia was literally trembling with joyful excitement. She was reaching out to people and I found myself growing more and more interested in her design. And at first it seemed simple to me, yet at the same time, I had the feeling as though this recluse, Anastasia, was revealing to everyone a most extraordinary secret. The who secret was in utter simplicity, and if I can remember the event in order, this is how they all went.

Anastasia continued:

"First, choose for yourself a place of your own you like the best, of all the pleasing spaces on the Earth - a space where you would like to live and would like your children to live out their lives... The climate too must be favourable for you. Take one hectare (2.5 acres) of land in that place for yourself in perpetuity."

"... Our Motherland is extensive... The time has now come when we must begin acting on this cause, and take advantage of the most favourable of all the existing laws."

[Please remember, Anastasia said these things to Vladimir Megre in 1995 and 1998. Her words indeed reach across time and space.]

Anastasia:  "We need at once to plan a law so that everyone may have his own parcel of ground, his own Motherland..."

[This law has now been passed for the Far East Russian region for this very thing to happen. It was passed in the Russian Duma on May 1, 2016. It will now continue to happen in various regions of countries all around the world. This next bit is very important... ]

Anastasia continues: "Whether or not and to what degree the country fourishes as a state, depends on this. And if there is no appropriate law at the moment, well, you will have to make one...  If there is no party capable of enshrining into law everyone's right to their Motherland, you will have to form such a party."

Vladimir: "And who will set it up?"

Anastasia: "Those who will read about the home we are creating and become aware of what a Motherland means to each one, to each Man living today, and to the future of the whole Earth."

Anastasia: "What could you do if your were standing on your own land?"

Image - Settlement Dobrosvet, Krasnoyarsk region, Russia

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