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Anastasia in "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" talks about the 1 hectare

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Published on Jan 8, 2016

In August 2015, Stefan interviewed Rita, who lives, together with her husband, in Russia on their family homestead. Rita revealed profound insights and experiences she gained over the last years, living on her land. This Interview is a must watch for all people who read the Anastasia books(ringing cedars of Russia) or who are interested in creating their own family homestead and live happily.

Enjoy 35 Minutes with Stefan and Rita and get inspired, lifted up and happy! :)

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What is the family estate?

( Excerpts from the book Megre "Creation" )

Please choose thee of all places on earth your friendly, you'll like the place. The place where you want to live. In which children could wish for, and their live their lives. And their grandchildren you will be a good memory. In the climate of a place for you to be favorable. At the point in the century, one hectare of land currently take.

What actions could be yours when you are on their land will stand?


Instead, a plurality of pillars, subsequently decaying trees to plant. plant bushes impassable between them. What a beautiful fence can get. All of it will be a little different. And everyone will enjoy the sight. And remember the centuries creator nice fence descendants will, and for the repair of their time will not distract the fence and bring benefit. Not only as a fence is a function of it. One need to make the fence of birches growing in number. Another oak. And someone in the creative impulse of color, like a fairy tale, make the fence.

Colorful trees planted. Birches, maple, and oak, and cedar. Vpletёt rowan tree with clusters, glowing red color between them still jailed and viburnum. Cherries, lilacs will provide a place. After all you can think originally. Watch everyone needs as it grows in height, as the blooms in spring, the smell and the public to itself attracts birds. And your fence will be singing, fragrant, and your eyes will never tire, every day changing the halftone his paintings. It flowers in spring bloom, the blaze of autumn color.

To quickly project conceived to embody in life may plow a furrow along the perimeter of the site to dig, and put the plants in it.Once all the plants and seeds to plant a bush that you have decided to plant the trees. Then plow again next go and fill the earth. When else will not rammed earth, correct, align the ticker in each of the seedlings.

Lot  [Which plot of land?]

Intuitively, one can feel that would be appropriate, and children and grandchildren bring joy to him. Unified planning can not be.It is individual as the creator-artist is a great picture. It is at everyone.

Land on our wasteland.

Vacant lot enclosed by a living fence. More three-quarters il half zaymёm come under forest, plant a different tree in it. At the edge of the forest, with the remaining land that adjoins, plant a hedge of shrubs such, that did not pass through them, animal and vegetable garden with crops trampled. In the forest of seedlings alive, planted close to each other, erecting a corral, where then will live, for example, goat il two. More from seedlings and prepare to build a shelter for chickens-laying hens.

In the garden dig a shallow pond , the size of hundreds of two.

Among the forest trees, bushes of raspberries and currants planted along the edge of the strawberries. Back in the woods, and then, when the trees grow up a little, three empty deck to put the bees among the branches. of trees Arbor will land where you are with friends or with children, sheltered from the heat, you can communicate. And prepare to build a bedroom summer live, and your creative workshop. And a bedroom for the children and a guest.

Between the trees, bushes, think how to apply them to the delights of his life. But trees do not allow grasses and bushes grow between them, and this you can consider for your future home living. You all need to ask how to program and adjust it to taste her. Cherish, delight you, your children, and all that is in the county by the host site, nurture and feed.

Vegetable garden too, can be done so that it will not bother you much. Here you need to just watch. Between herbs like everything growing in the forest could grow cotton and vegetables, the finest tomatoes, cucumbers. Their taste is much more pleasant you will benefit more than bring the body when there is not a bare land.

There are generally useless in nature, and no unwanted weeds. No beetles and injuring a man.

How can every year in the same place stubbornly plowing, harrowing the ground? Like a wound unhealed pull scrapers, while demanding that the grace of healing grows up. Colorado beetle or grasshoppers to the area that you paint, we do not touches.When in harmony grows up all the great, the harmonious and fruit growers are.


Not worth the effort too much to spend and build a house big and too durable.

Grandchildren when vzrastut, make sure you understand what kind of material for the house of all the earth pomyslennyh for them nicer, stronger and more useful will. And you have now no such material. Grandchildren build a wooden house of the trees that they planted more grandfather, and my father and mother loved. That house is to treat, protect from evil spirits and inspire them to become brighter. The great energy of love in that house will live.

love space

Not fastidious love and obstinate, it tends to divine creation. Forever can warm the person who co-create a space of love with her consent.

Love the space - it is first for the two to be born, then for their children. And children through the three planes of existence will link with the universe entire.

He and she will love to carry out a project that we draw. Plant trees generic, grass, garden. And rejoice, as they are the creation of the spring bloom. Love will live forever between them, in their hearts around. And each will represent each other in spring bloom, remembering with a tree that bloomed, planted. And the taste of raspberry taste of love is remembrance. He is in love to each other branches of autumn raspberries concerned.

The garden is lovely shaded mature fruit. A garden planted with he and she. They planted a garden of love.


Even before birth because formed in many people. And his education with all creation space should contact. That, taken advantage of God, to do his beautiful creations, and his son should not be neglected. The three main points , the first three planes of being, parents should submit his Creation.

That is the first point of a person's birth, her name - parent thought.

Planting family tree by parents of future first point determines the world call upon to help them for the creation of the future is the point. It is needed! It is important! And most of all it is inherent to God! It is the proof that you are going to do like him! He, the Creator of the Great! And he will enjoy the meaningfulness of his son and his daughter.

Second point , or rather, the plan is another human is born, the sky will light a new star, when in love, and with thoughts of the beautiful creations of two bodies merge into a single place where you build a house you paradise and live for the future of their child.

Then in the place nine months to live shall conceive a wife. And it is better if these months are spring flowering, the fragrance of summer, autumn fruits. Where other than joy, pleasant sensations, nothing it does not distract. Where the sound of a divine creation surround his wife, which really lived a beautiful creation. He lives and the entire universe feels himself. And to see the future stars of the mother should. And all the stars and all the planets in mind to give him, his beautiful baby, the mother can easily do it all, she is still a force. And yet the thought of the mother followed without delay. And space is a faithful servant in love two beautiful creations.

And the third point , the new plan in place should get. Where the child was conceived, there are birth and should happen. And next to be the father. And over the three of exalt the crown of the great Father who loves us all.


This is a place with great joy met you used. Kohl flesh of your sick, it would be cured flesh. Kolya's soul - the soul cured. And feed, drink tired you. Embracing the dream a calm and joyous daybreak awakened. But like many people, living on earth today, you have no such place. There is your homeland, where planes of being can come together.

Life goes on, and everyone is given a wonderful lifestyle to create any moment.

It would be the elderly, the children of his apology. And sincerely apologize for the fact that a world without troubles they have failed to provide. For dirty water, with the air opaque.

And let the real hand of an aging house alive and begin to build a children matured. Extend the life of the days of the old men, as soon as such an idea they would be born. And when a homeland to touch the elderly, and children to return to him his hand.And let the house can not fully grow old, but can their children at home to bury her, thus they help to revive again. In the grove, with their hand-set. A man-made monuments they do not need. After all, the memory of them will serve as everything around.And every day to remind them not sadly - joyfully everything around you will be. And kind of immortal will be yours, because only the memory of the good returns on the ground of the soul.

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