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"You are not alone. Paradise will appear as a conjoint co-creation."

Image - "Anastasia-Vladimir Megre" facebook Page.

Ringing Cedars of Russia
Book 4 - "Co-creation"
Chapter 24 - "Take back your Motherland, people"  (excerpts)

"We need to tell everyone, Vladimir: "Take back your Motherland, people!"  Anastasia continued:

"Most people living on this planet today have no Motherland at all...  We need to begin our discussion with what constitutes birth."

Anastasia:  "Do you consider that one's Motherland must be measured by sonmeone's arbitrarily determined border?  ... But if there were no borders, how could you determine your Motherland then?"

Vladimir Megre [author]: "By the place I was born - the town or village..."

Vladimir: "Tell me then, how you see or how you picture the generation of the family - the birth and raising of children, in today's prevailing conditions. And how all the children of Man [all humans] can be born happy. Can you construct a plan or draw me a picture?"

Anastasia: "I can."

[Vladimir couldn't focus on any of Anastasia's answers to this any longer. He then, in a very agitated state, began asking himself a myriad of questions in his own mind and began pacing around on the grass of Anastasia's glade. The flow of his thoughts went like this, as written by Megre in Book 4 ... ]

Vladimir (in his mind):
"How does she [Anastasia] happen to know not only the outward details of our lives, but many people's inner feelings too? What are the possibilities of this incomprehensible 'science of imagery'?   
"She sits in the taiga, far removed from the bustling day-to-day life of cities and nations, far removed from wars and all the troubles of the civilised world. But what if she actually knows this science of imagery to perfection? 
"What if she can use it to influence people and society, and in a more powerful way than all our governments, parliaments and religious denominations?  Incredible!  A fantasy! But... There are actual concrete facts which confirm this. Incredible facts indeed!  They really do exist!"
[Vladimir was thinking all of the above in spring of 1998, in around April in Russia. Fast-forward 18 years...  Links at the end.] 
Vladimir Megre:  "Right there in the first book, I outlined what she said on this subject. Back then there was nothing as yet. At the time, her words seemed like incredible nonsense, like a fantasy. But every thing came about exactly as she had said [in 1996]. And now, even as I am writing these lines, incredible things have been happening...  It is hard to believe that Anastasia's image [continually held visualization] is actually changing the consciousness of society.

"It was she herself who said that Siberian villages would be regenerated, and that children would start coming back to their parents...

"This image of her is beginning to lead people somewhere. But where? By what power? Who is helping her? Is it possible she herself posses some kind of incredeble power hitherto unknown? ... While intellectuals are arguing over whether or not she exists at all, she is simply taking action. The results of her actions can be seen, touched and tasted. What is this science of imagery?

[Vladimir decides to ask her the question outright:]

Vladimir Megre: "Tell me, Anastasia...  Tell me, do you have a perfect knowledge of the science of imagery?"
Anastasia:  "I know what my forefather/s taught... I have endeavoured to find out and feel new things on my own."

Vladimir: "Just as I thought! You are more of an expert than anyone else of the science of imagery. You have created your own image and placed it before people [in the form of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books]...

Anastasia: "Vladimir. I have not concealed anything from you."

Anastasia: "I want to image, bring alive, the image of God to people. I want to make His grand dream clear to everyone, so that every living person may feel His [sic] aspiration of love. The children of people on the Earth today will live in His Paradise. I am not alone. You are not alone. And Paradise will appear as a conjoint co-creation."

God - meaning the "ever vibrant presence of creator"
His - 'God' has no gender
every living person  - A 'person' is a fictional mask/entity in law. Preferred: "human being"

[Vladimir then entered into various objections with Anastasia saying he didn't want to write about "God".]

Vladimir Megre: "Anyway, what am I saying? You can predict everything that's going to happen ahead of time. So tell me, who will be against you, and who will help you? Will there be anyone, in fact, who comes to your assistance?"   [I for one, the author of this blog 'BronnyNZ' is helping Anastasia bring about here "dream".] 

[Anastasia replied and said that 'help' had already come, in regard to Vladimir's questions about "God" and who in the church would support Anastasia's position.]

Anastasia: "But, most importantly, there will be impulses of inspiration among all ordinary people..." 

Anastasia then ceased talking and lowered her eyes... "Forgive me - I fear I am not making myself clear to your heart. Things are not working out at the moment [in 1998] on my part, but I shall try to be clearer, only let the people hear..."

Vladimir Megre: "About what?"

Anastasia: "About what others have tried for a thousand years to hide from them. About how it takes hardly a moment for any one of them to entr the Creator's pristine garden and there bring about splendid conjoint creations with [Creator]."

[After Vladimir pondered Anastasia's words for some time, only then did he start to feel the significance of her words:]

"Take back your Motherland, people!"

Vladimir Megre:  "I see how it's all going to come about. I see that if you can so easily bring out images of life of thousands of years ago, that means you must know all religious teachings and treatises, and that you will reveal them to people?"

A: I know the teachings that called forth reverence among people.
V: All of them?"
A: Yes, all of them.
V: And the Vedic scriptures you can translate in their entirely?
A: I can. Only why waste time on that?
V: But look, don't you want mankind to know about those ancient theaching? Tell me about them, and I shall write about them in my next book."
A: And what then? What do you think will be the net benefit to mankind?
V: What d'you man? They'll become wiser.

[This next bit is really important >> ]

A: Vladimir, the whole nature of the dark forces' trap is that with their multitude of teachings, they try to conceal the most important thing from Man [self-realised humanity, both male and female]. By presenting a portion of truth - only for the mind - in their treatises, they deliberately lead people away from the most important thing."

V: Then why do people call the ones that present such teachings 'wise men'?
A: Vladimir, if you will allow me, I shall tell you a parable. It is a parable that a thousand years ago was whispered by wise men to each other in some secluded spot. For many centuries now, no-one has heard this parable.
V: Then go ahead and tell it to me, if you think that the parable may be helpful in explaining something.

[This is the end of the chapter, excerpts above of pp. 136-143.]

You will find the parable in Chapter 25, Book 4 "Co-creation" here >>

You can read the whole of Chapter 24, Book 4 "Co-creation" here >>,-people!.html

Footnotes: The term Anastasia used which is translated "Motherland" is the Russian word "rodina". The word "rodina" conveys a deep reverence to one's ancestors, responsibility for descendants and an intimate connection to the land one's family lives on. "Rodina" is derived from two Russian roots connected by 'i' = 'and'. "Rod" is the name of God the Creator in the ancient Slavic tradition - it also signifies 'origin, derivation, birth, kin, and father - hence: patrimony'. "Na" is a root syllable signifying "mother". It's quite possibly the same root we find in the Latin 'natus' (born) from which we get 'native' and 'nature'. Therefore:  Rod i Na (father and mother) takes on the broader significance of one's family (or 'kin') and by assiciation came to refer to the particular geographical location occupied by succeeding generations of the same family. We need to be aware that it is the 'native' or 'family' aspect more than the 'land' component that is significant in understanding the term "Motherland".

+ + +

In te reo Māori in Aotearoa New Zealand, we have two words that describe these ideas:

(1)  whakapapa - that's your geneology, your ancestral line
(2)  tūrangawaewae - that's the place where you put your feet (your home-ground - your whenua).  Your turangawaewae is the physical place where your ancestors (tupuna) also put their feet. You have connection

Please see Note (4) on whakapapa - "... genealogy, genealogical table, lineage, descent - reciting whakapapa was, and is, an important skill and reflected the importance of genealogies in Māori society in terms of leadership, land and fishing rights, kinship and status. It is central to all Māori institutions."

Therefore:  The land where you put your feet is inextricably tied to where your ancestral lineage also put their feet.  I'm sure many other cultures around the world have words meaning these similar things.

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