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Instructions on how to fill out your application form: Far East

This is the website where people already living in the Far East of Russia can apply for 1 hectare of free land.  https://xn--80aaggvgieoeoa2bo7l.xn--p1ai/


In Russia, we began to distribute land for free


In Russia, we began to distribute land for free | Russian spring

Federal Law on "Far hectare" came into force on 1 June, the first to get a free plot of land will be able to residents of DFO.

In April, the State Duma adopted the law, according to which the Russians will be able to receive once donated one hectare of land in the Far East: in Yakutia, Kamchatka, Primorye and Khabarovsk territories, the Amur, Magadan and Sakhalin regions and the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Chukotka Autonomous District. The site is available in five years, it must be free from third party rights and to be in free circulation.

According to the Department of Land and Property Relations of Primorye, the site nadalniyvostok.rf can own on-line to choose a hectare of land. You must register on the portal and go to "My Account", where with the help of a map service to choose a site.
"The system is connected online with the Public cadastral map. The applicant draws a map vending his territory. If the land area exceeds 1 hectare or intersects with the already busy site, the system indicates this," said the expert.

The applicant then proceeds to fill a special form and sends the application to the authorized body that chooses on their own system.

So, if this is the land of the municipality, the authorized body will make the administration of the settlement, if requested "ha" is located in the forest - the Department of Forestry. After pressing the "OK" button, the citizen has the ability to track the stages of the application.

If necessary, a specialist, which received a complaint, adjusts the boundaries of the requested area.

Having considered the application, the authority shall make one of three decisions: "reject", "suspend" or "agree". In the case of coordination of land, it is assigned a cadastral number.

After this button is available "to translate into a contract." Pressing it leads to the automatic generation of the contract, which is sent to the applicant.

  1. According Minvostokrazvitiya, the contract will need to be signed within 30 days. Thus, the first hectares can be isolated in late July 2016 year.
  2. To send your application as possible by mail or apply to the territorial department Rosreestra.
  3. After three years the land user is obliged to report to the competent authority on the use of land by filing declaration. If the land is not used for its intended purpose, the user is obliged to return it.
  4. With proper use of the land, after five years it can be provided in the property or rent. forest lands are only available for rent, the property is possible after 10 years of lease forest land.
  5. According Minvostokrazvitiya, to help everyone who is planning to start a business in the Far East on the Agency's website and on the website nadalniyvostok.rf placed on the use of standard solutions hectares.
  6. Now, in particular, offered to review the business plans for the creation of the Far East nurseries for growing plants, the organization of farms for breeding of goats and cattle and others. Soon there will be a business plan for the organization of hunting leases and other activities.
  7. The law allows you to get hectares on all family members. It also spelled out the possibility of collective applications for the organization of big business.
  8. The pilot areas for the most daring
  9. Stand out "Far acres" will be gradual. the first phase of "Far hectares" begins On June 1, 2016. They will be issued within individual municipalities, which are selected by the authorities DFO subjects.
  10. From October 1 land will be issued in the entire DFO. At the same time up to February 1, 2017 sites will be able to get only Russians, registered on the territory of the relevant subject of Russia, after the land can receive all citizens.

The pilot municipalities are: Khanka district (Primorye), Amur region (Khabarovsk Territory), Oktyabrsky district (Jewish Autonomous Region), Arkharinsky District (Amur region), Neryungrinsky rayon (Yakutia), Ola district (Magadan region), Ust-Bolsheretsky district (Kamchatka Territory), Tymovsky district (Sakhalin oblast), district Anadyr (Chukotka Autonomous district).

The pilot Primorye region is planned to allocate about 13 thousand hectares of the total area provided in the framework of the law, - about 650 thousand hectares.

For the issuance of the first plots of land under the program in the Amur region of 500 thousand hectares of forest plantations in the allocated area, as well as 50 thousand hectares of agricultural land in Arkharinsky District.

In the Khabarovsk region in the Amur region is provided for the distribution of 11 thousand hectares. It has already received about 100 applications from potential owners of "Far Eastern hectare" The government of the region.

Free land in the territory of Kolyma Olsky urban district is 163 thousand hectares. Of these, agricultural land - 114 hectares.

Also in the pilot land the urban district can be used for tourist activities. Total Colima under the law is ready to provide 260 hectares of agricultural land.

According Minvotsokrazvitiya 30 May, 9% of Russians studying in detail the possibility of "Far Eastern hectare" and are ready to move to the Far East.



  1. What is the process for a US citizen to become a naturalized citizen in Russia and start setting up a homestead?

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