Monday, 13 June 2016

We re-Vision China with You Jun. Join with us. Take back the land!

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I wish for China, my Motherland, to be free!

May her rivers flow with life, vigor and purity!

Her soil and land to be restored to health and fresh food aplenty for all people!

The air to be clean, fresh, and filled with bird song!

When our land is once again restored to pristine beauty, her people will once more be free!

May all of China's people dream about a future in which they all will be free!

A future in which all people may partake freely from God's own abundance and kindness!

- by You Jun, Singapore
Ancestral homeland, South China

Beautiful You Jun
Thank you

We co-create this beatiful dream with you for your homelands in China.

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Paintings of China are supplied by You Jun:

"These are old drawings of China, they have a very peaceful quality to them." 



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