Saturday, 18 June 2016

Anastasia's "dream" of governments giving free land has come true !!


The 'dream' started to take effect in Russia in 1996 when copies of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" started to be sold in the streets of Moscow by author Vladimir Megre​. The books were inspired by Megre's visits to the Siberian recluse, Anastasia. It is Anastasia's 'dream' for humanity to be all gifted 1 hectare (2.5 acres) of land per family. We become guardians of that land and in turn, take our sustenance from it. We learn once again to align ourselves to our Motherlands. We form communities or villages using collaborative and permaulture principles.

Already, only after a very short 20 years, this 'dream' of Anastasia's is coming true for humanity. Do you know what a miracle this is ?? Do you know how many thousands of years it has taken for people with "dark intent" to bring humanity under its control? And here, Anastasia has undone all of this in 20 short years.

Keep going humanity !! Seize the day !!

This is the generation of people who will return to the land, and complete the mission of returning the whole of our Mother Earth to her pristine origins... just as Anastasia told us would happen in the books. It is happening now... Humanity is taking back their land now !! Miracles are happening in front of our eyes.

And of course, we owe a debt of gratitude to the people of Russia, for embracing Anastasia's dream and moving back onto the land in Russia. A million "Thank yous" to you all. You are saving humanity. How can we ever thank you for creating the way. We know it has been a struggle for so many to get there, onto your 'family estates'. But you achieved it. And now the doors are opening for people all over the world to do the same. You have shown us the way. Thank you.

Much love ~ ~ ~

BronnyNZ and the world.

Image - The settlement "Fairy Land", Krasnodar region

Fairy edge
Our House - a wonderful wonderful region. 
Giving light to all people of good will has everything to be happy in this world.
The beautiful garden, wonderful forest, river nourishes our lands.
And at sunrise Mountain lights. 

Plenty of room for thinking fast here
Where have enough room for everyone who wants to be a creator. 

Where Ancestral land revive the great race that will help us Gods and Mother earth.
A piece of paradise will revive us on the earth.
And he will grow from year to year, giving love and happiness to the people .
After all, he will be open to anyone who wants to be happy and with each passing day more and more will be bright days in the world.
That will be to his credit! 

Our House - a beacon for wayward, lost souls in the darkness of the night.
We will renew the former that was hidden from us.
Giving people remember who we are!
And do not forget! 

Settlement of patrimonial estates - whom we expect to whom we are pleased
We are glad good light to people who want to live in a happy world,
Who think clean and in word and in fact,
Who heaven on earth ready to create and race a mighty reviving,
Living in harmony with nature. 

The settlement ancestral homes - lifestyle, goals -
We live together, we have everything you need.
We help each other, all the issues together to solve.
There have we have common goals, we have the general idea. 

If you're willing to be with us, forward, let us!
we will do the world brighter and nicer people!


If consciousness awoke and reached out to the light,
If you are ready to create and co-create heaven on earth thought,
We are waiting for you! And waiting for our Mother Earth.

But there are simple rules we have:
Smoking and drinking is forbidden! 
Grass himself, at least, stupid. 
It not for man was created.

Still there is one rule: 
Kill animals is prohibited, because the brothers made smaller to love and protect, not to give offense.

About collective settlements
Friendly staff, all issues are resolved at the cop.

Contact Information:

+7 953 09 00 125 
8909 469 55 30
+7 909 446 19 46
8918 07 10 222

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